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Presentazione fatta da Lamia

i mulini

che cos'è un mulino?

il mulino è una struttura costruita per sfruttare l'energia del vento e trasformarla in energia meccanica.le pale del mulino sfruttano la potenza del vento per generare energia di rotazione, il mulino a vento è stato utilizzato da secoli per compiere diversi lavori ad esempio: pompare l'acqua, macinare il grano e generare elettricità.

a cosa serve un mulino?

il mulino serve a pompare l'acqua, a tagliare la legna (qualche volta), generare l'elettricità, macinare, frantumare, pressare e schiacciare

com'è fatt0?

il il mulino ha 4 vele verticali che girano grazie al vento il suo movimento produce una forza sull'albero centrale che girando crea una serie di ingranaggi che a loro volta fanno muovere le macine per frantumare, le seghe per tagliare oppure pompe per l'acqua

quando sono nati e quando si sono evoluti nel tempo i mulini?

i primi mulini furono costruiti nell'area mesopotamica, intorno al II millenio a.C


I mulini olandesi serviivano a produrre grano inoltre venivano utilizzati per pompare l'acqua dai laghi e bonificare le terre



GRAPHIC + text

Use this space to briefly describe your graph and its evolution.


To highlight super relevant info. 90% of the information we assimilate is received through sight.


TablE + text

Visual content is a transversal, universal language, like music. We can understand images from millions of years ago, even from other cultures.


List / Process

We are visual beings.

We can understand images from millions of years ago, even from other cultures.

Narrative beings

We teach through stories. They entertain us and help hold our attention.

Social beings.

We need to interact with one another. We learn in a collaborative way

List / Process

Interactive visual communication, step by step:

  1. Plan the structure of your materials.
  2. Give it a hierarchy and give visual weight to the main point.
  3. Add secondary messages with interactivity.
  4. Establish a flow through the content.
  5. Measure results.

Insert an awesome video for your presentation.

And use this space to caption it. Multimedia content is essential in a presentation, to really wow your students. What’s more, this way you can summarize the content and entertain your whole class.

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Use this space for an awesome statement.

Animate your content and take it up a notch

In Genially, we use AI (Awesome interactivity) in all our designs so that you can level up with interactivity and turn your class content into something that engages and motivates your students.

Did you know?In Genially you’ll find more than 1,000 templates that are all ready for you to enter your content and customize, and that are super handy for your classes?



Text + icons

Generate experiences with your content.

Activate and surprise your audience.

It’s got the Wow effect. Very Wow.

Measure results and experiment.


Calmly and concisely. Summarize the content.

After plenty of practice. Improvisation works best when you’re prepared!

Using an outline, to convey everything in an orderly fashion.

Managing your voice. It’s your best ally.

With enthusiasm! Take a deep breath and start presenting the topic.

Maintaining eye contact with your class.

Embedded content

Interactive question


Describe the problem you’re going to resolve and, above all, the reason why your idea is interesting

‘Including quotes always strengthens our presentation. Break the monotony.’

- Genially

A great presentation ...

  1. is clear and structured.
  2. tells stories hierarchically.
  3. connects with your audience.
  4. matches the fonts and colors to the topic.
  5. includes images and entertains.

Don’t forget to publish!



Plantea una pregunta o problema que haga pensar a la clase; Es el ingrediente esencial para mantener su atención. Se suele plantear al inicio del tema para fomentar su pensamiento crítico y participación.

If your genially includes info that is difficult to explain or understand, including graphs will help students understand and make sense of it. Still not convinced you need to use graphs to promote learning? Well, you should know that our brains love them, and if the content is animated, even better! Our brains retain 42% more information from dynamic stimuli.

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Puedes utilizar esta función... Para destacar datos super-relevantes. El 90% de la información que asimilamos llega a través de la vista.

¡Ojo! En Genially utilizamos AI (Awesome Interactivity) en todos nuestros diseños, para que subas de nivel con interactividad y conviertas tus clases en algo que aporta valor y engancha.

Truquito:La conexión emocional o engagement con tu contenido aumenta cuando consigues que tu clase se identifique con el mensaje que quieres transmitir.

Truquito: La interactividad es la pieza clave para captar el interés y la atención de tus estudiantes. Un genially es interactivo porque tu alumnado explora yse relaciona con él.