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A descripcion about me, my family,what Ilike, my hobbies and my summer

All about me


Hello! I´m Cris I am 10 years old and ovbius I live whith my family

HObbies and free time

plaing with my sister


my hobbies are.....

Doing arcilla polímerica

some days i play football


free time

In my free time I...


some days I put masks on my face

i ´ m with my family and with my friends

My summer

In my summer i done a lot of things like...

went to marbella with my father and my grand fathers i have had a nice time. or when i went to san sebastian whith all my family, but when i have the best time is when i whent to disney lad paris

Likes /dislikes

  • I Like walk my dogs (Willy and Rufus)

  • I Like make things. :)

  • I Like go shopping buy clothes, books....

  • I don´t like scarry films

  • I Like pasta

  • I don´t like spicy food

  • I don´t like crocodiles

  • I don´t like insistent pepole

  • I don´t like broccoli

I have one mam. Her name is elena and she works as a doctor

My family

I have . . .

I have one sister. She is 8 years old and her name is claudia

I have two dogs. They are bichon maltes a little dog, Willy and Rufus

I have one dad , and her name is Alvaro

I have one grandmother and two grandfathers

I have five cousins

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