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Induction Programme

Introduction to QQI Assessments

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Progression after Youthreach

2 year programme
QQI Level 4

Leixlip Youthreach


Level 5 PLC course

Options for after you complete Youthreach


Leixlip Youthreach

QQI award qualifications to students studying at different levels based on the National Framework of Qualifications.​ Each module (subject) is a MINOR QQI award. When you successfully complete the required number of minor modules, you achieve a MAJOR QQI Award (certificate).

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​ Quality & Qualifications Ireland ​ ​

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Assessment and QQI Awards

QQI Awards in Leixlip Youthreach




collection of work



QQI Level 4 in General Learning Assessment

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Tools to Succeed

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QQI Level 4 in General Learning Assessment

Compassionate Considerations(Application required)

Reasonable Accommodations (Application required)

Class and Programme Supports

Assessment Supports for Students

Assessment malpractice will be fully investigated by the Coordinator and may result in grades being withheld/withdrawn.

Assessment malpractice shall be deemed to have occurred when there has been an actual or attempted form of:

  • Cheating
  • Copying from others
  • Falsification of marks, impersonation or other forms of deception
  • Plagiarism - the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own

Assessment Malpractice

Enjoy the Journey! Learning is for Life.

Any Questions!?

Deadline date: THE FINAL DAY you can submit a piece of work.​ If you do not get your work completed by the deadline date you have 2 choices:​ 1. Submit what you have done up to that point. ​2. Apply for Compassionate Consideration