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You are having a weird dream. You think??? Maybe it was not the best idea to eat all of the halloween candy before bed. Oh, look, is that a door?

Everything is the opposite. Give Them what they want. A voice whispers..

Think about the steps needed to complete the task. Focus all of your attention on the task. Stop working only when instructed. Ignore distractions and interruptions from others.

What skill is this?

Locker Doors Escape Room

Push button to continue

You have come to the first locker door.Open the locker by unlocking the combination lock.Click on the combination lock to continue.

The combination for the lock is:57 - 21- 90Click on correct directions to open lock.

  • Rotate right to 57, rotate left pass 90 once then to 21
  • Rotate right to 57, rotate left pass 21, then to 90
  • Rotate right to 57, rotate left pass 21 once, then 21, rotate right to 90

Try again!

Push button

The Phobia Locker