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Classroom English sentences

How do you say "..." in English ? / What's the English for "..." ?

How do you spell the word "..." ?

Do we have homework for next time ?

When is it due ?

Can I borrow your pen ?

Can you lend me your book ?

Can I go to the bin ?

I didn't understand/get it, could you repeat/explain ?

Classroom English sentences

I'm not feeling very well / I feel sick.

Can I go to the toilets / the nurse, please ?

Can I open / close the window ?

I need a tissue.

I haven't done my homework.

I have forgotten my copybook.

Sorry for being late.

I don't have the document.

I have too many documents.

Classroom English sentences

Can I take the register ?

Can I write on the board ?

Can I hand out the documents ?

Can I clean/wipe the board ?