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Voting models QUIZ


What is the name of the study of elections and voting behaviour?




Unstructured, valorous, irrational-choice

Positive, negative, neutral

Structural, Valence, Rational-Choice

What are the different voting models discussed in the lectures?

Societal fault-lines

Which of the following terms is best associated with why people vote according to social values, groupings and identities?

Social cleavages

Social bridges

What are the basics of the structural model of voting?

People vote according to how their political system is structured

People all vote in different ways and cannot be predicted

People vote according to factors influenced by their upbringing and social environment

What are the basics of the rational-choice model of voting?

People do not vote in attempt to make a point to the establishment

People choose who to vote for based on their personal identification to a party

People are not aligned to political parties and weigh up the costs and benefits of voting that will benefit them the most

People vote tactically in attempt to stop a party they don't like winning

What are the basics of the valence model of voting?

People vote based on the competence of other parties on issues such as leadership and economic history

People vote based on factors such as class, age, and gender


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