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There were lots of good things about the conference. The ability to see which ticketed sessions still had room was very cool. Meeting up with fellow Twitterers in the three Tweetup sessions was awesome.

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To me, I think about the fact that we as teachers are all at different learning levels. We have different passions and different reasons we got into this career. Having choice in the skills or research that we are investing our time in will directly correlate with the excitement we are able to pour out into our classrooms.

I want to learn about things that will directly impact me and my ability to teach students. Sometimes we engage in PD that has nothing to do with our courses or are not things we want to implement. My allowing choice, it shows that our time is valued and we can choose to use our time as we see fit, and that will benefit us the most.

PD is not one-size fits all...Having choice is important to me because every department is different, and you can even see the difference in needs for resources and information amongst grade levels. I appreciate having a choice in my PD because no one knows what my classroom needs better than I do, and I like being able to use my time to enhance my toolbox.

The biggest reason to have choice in PD is to stay current. Especially as a CTE teacher there are constant changes to software, standards, new technology, etc. Doing the same PD as core teachers doesn't help us meet our needs or the needs of our students.

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