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1. Warm Up2. Getting to know each other3. Course Organization4. Last summer5. B2 exercise6. Game7. B2 exercise
Today's AgendaMonday, September 18th 2023
Beetles 4: Level B2Teacher: Flor

Today's Agenda

Use your notebook and write one sentence 1. About your family 2. Favourite food 3. Favourite band or singer 4. Favourite football team 5. Favourite dessert 6. Favourite animal 7. Favourite hobby/ Free time activity Ask your classmates to guess.

Useful PhrasesDo you agree?Are we on the same page?Do you go along with that?I entirely/completely agreeI couldn't agree moreI am with you on that one.
Talk in pairsWhat is the person doing?Why do you think he is doing it?How do you think he might be feeling?
Use these phrasesWhich one do you prefer..... or .......?I would definitely go for the ..........