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Publication date: 1906
Author: Sir James Matthew Barrie

Peter Pan

Setting: Neverland
Time: indefinite
Benning: once upon a time there was a boy named Peter Pan who lived in Neverland one day he met three boys named Michael Wendy and John who lived in London in darling's house Peter Pan together with his fairy Tinkerbell convinced the three boys to come with him to Neverland to meet the Lost Boys on the island they also encounter enemies such as Captain Hook who tries to capture Peter Pan and his friends however, Captain Hook managed to capture Peter Pan's friends with a trick and therefore he had to intervene to save themBut Peter Pan managed to save them and brought Wendy Michael and John and the Lost Boys to London to the darlings' houseWhen a Darling house arrives Wendy asked Peter Pan if he wanted to stay with them but he said no because he wanted to remain a child foreverSo Wendy told Peter Pan that every summer they would come with him to Neverland
Lost boys:sad alone
Captain Hook: Wicked and villain age 18
John: good and kind age 10
Wendy:Good, kind good mothefor for the Lost Boysage 12-13
Peter Pan: Good, kind and a good father for Lost Boys age 13
I honestly liked it a lot i also really liked the story then the story is not boring at all, also i really liked the part where Peter Pan saves his friends captured by capitan hook Perhaps this story is also among the best I have ever read.