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This is the story of Alice Cascherina, who always fell everywhere. Grandpa was looking for her to take her to the gardens: "Alice! Where are you, Alice?" "I’m here, Grandpa". "Where are you here?" "In the alarm clock" Yes, she had opened the door of the alarm to snoop around a bit, and it had ended up between the gears and the springs, and now she had to continuously jump from one point to another so as not to be overwhelmed by everyone here by mechanisms that triggered by ticking. Another time Grandpa was looking for her to give her a snack: "Alice! Where are you, Alice?" "I’m here, Grandpa". "Where are you here?" "But right here, in the bottle. I was thirsty, I fell for it". And there she was, swimming hard to keep herself afloat. Lucky that the summer before, in Sperlonga, she had learned to be a frog. "Wait till I catch you again". Grandpa dropped a string into the bottle, Alice grabbed it and climbed it deftly. She was good at gymnastics. Once again Alice had disappeared. Her grandfather was looking for her, her grandmother was looking for her a neighbor who always came to read her grandfather’s newspaper to save forty liras. "Woe to us if we don’t find her before her parents come back from work," muttered the frightened grandmother. "Alice! Alice! Where are you, Alice?" This time he didn’t answer. He couldn’t answer. While browsing in the kitchen she had fallen into the drawer of tablecloths and napkins and fell asleep. Someone had closed the drawer without looking after her. When she woke up, Alice found herself in the dark but was not afraid: once she had fallen into a faucet, and there it was getting dark. "They will have to prepare the table for dinner," reflected Alice. "And then they will open the drawer". Instead nobody thought about dinner, just because Alice was not there. Her parents had returned from work and yelled at her grandparents: "That’s how you keep an eye on her!" "Our children did not fall into the taps," protested the grandparents, "in our time they only fell out of bed and made a few bumps on the head". Alice finally got tired of waiting. She dug between the tablecloths, found the bottom of the drawer and began to beat on it with one foot. Tum, Tum Tum. "Everybody shut up," said Dad, "I hear beating somewhere". Tum, Tum, Tum, calling Alice. Hugs, kisses when they found her. And Alice immediately took the opportunity to fall into the pocket of Dad’s jacket and when they pulled it out she had had time to grind his whole face playing with the ballpoint pen.