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Vas a realizar un trabajo de investigación sobre Eratóstenes que debes subir a Classroom.

Opcionalmente puedes hacer la actividad "Multiplicando por el mundo" del libro y entregarla al profesor.

Todos los días tienes que hacer las actividades que el profesor te indique

Una vez en cada unidad, os juntaréis los miembros del equipo para resolver los problemas que te indique el profesor

El profesor te indicará el vídeo que tienes que realizar (explicando un ejercicio), o bien que salgas a la pizarra para hacer lo mismo

La unidad finalizará con una prueba

The Shadow-Walker is a powerful and evil wizard. He is the new king of Tatopia and he is sending monsters all over the kingdom.

Elves look like humans with long ears, but they often have magical powers. They live in Newyard, in the forest.

You. Faes look like animals and fruits. They are magical and kind, they speak with animals and work growing food and helping others. Faes are preparing to travel the kingdom to the Tatopia Palace, to fight the "Shadow-Walker" and free the kings.

The royal family of Tatopia used to be a family of 4 fairies, but now they are prisioners of the Shadow-Walker in the palace.

The teacher. Ereth is a ligh spirit, she will help those who are brave and kind to save the kingdom from the Shadow-Walker.


Sunshadians look like humans with long ears and red eyes and hair. They are connected to the Sun and they are very good fighters. They often have magical solar powers. They live in Drydale, in the desert.

Merfolk are normally found near or in large bodies of water. Although the Merfolk often have a humanoid appearance, they are blue and they have fins attached to their bodies to be able to move quicker under water. They live in Shadepond.

Ice Nymphs are very reserved. They are one with nature, so they arre also made of ice. They are kind and comprehensive only to those who deserve their attention. If not, they can be really dangerous. They live in Whitmond.