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Create Assignments that celebrate multiculturalism


Expanding Multiculturalism through schoolwork

This interactive image is for helping future or prospective teachers to "create assignments that celebrate multiculturalism." Each button represents a unique assignment that allows teachers to celebrate their students unique backgrounds.

Assignment one: Create a "Writing assignment that gathers information about the students thought patterns and tendencies" (Lynch, 2015, par 12).

Assignment two: Create and present a visual aid that discusses "The foods you eat in your family and how it is prepared." (Verschelden, 2021, p.79).

Assignment three: "Requesting students to write an essay about their learning experiences that occur outside of school" (Lynch, 2015, par 12).

Assignment four: "Asking students to submit a discussion board post about their family stories and traditions" (Lynch, 2015, par 12). Then, respond to other classmates posts by acknowledging their experiences.

Assignment five: Write a reflection about your upbringing and how that affected your care-giving style.

Assignment six: First, research the different types of family structures. Next, explain which structure fits your family best and how that determines your household chores.

Assignment seven: First, tell students to get into groups of three. Next, have each student explain the educational activities they do with family. Then, each group will share one educational activity they all have in common.