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1.Epic Hero Traits

2.Implicit vs. Explicit Information

3.Beowulf Themes

4.Apposition vs. Diazeugma

5.Monster Deaths

Unit 1 Beowulf Test

Helpful Guide


1. Lesson 1.2.7

Noble Birth: Beowulf is the cousin of King Higlac and eventually becomes king himself. Capable of Deeds of Great Strength and Courage: Beowulf rips off Grendel's arm and lifts the giant's sword that no man could lift. Great Warrior: Beowulf recounts fighting sea monster's and giants to Hrothgar.Travels Over a Vast Setting: Beowulf travels from Geatland (Sweden) to Denmark by boat.National Heroism: The elders of the Geats happily send Beowulf off to fight Grendel. Humility: While Beowulf does boast, this was seen as common for Anglo-Saxons, and he graciously offers his winnings to Higlac and his men to Hrothgar should he die. Faces Supernatural Foes or Receives Supernatural Help: Beowulf faces three monsters, and the story specifically references that he has God and Fate on his side.

2. Lesson 1.4.3

3. Lesson 1.7.4

The theme of an epic poem is its message about life. The theme is expressed in a sentence or phrase.

Themes in Beowulf: - Good will always triumph over evil. - Loyalty is easy to proclaim but difficult to show when needed.- Fate will unwind as it must.

4. Lesson 1.7.3

5. Monster Deaths

- The Battle with Grendel- The Battle with Grendel's Mother- The Last Battle

The Battle with Grendel's Mother: Beowulf beheads her with a sword made by giants

The Battle with Grendel: Beowulf rips off Grendel's arm with his bare hands and hangs it from the rafters

The Last Battle: Beowulf, badly wounded, gets help from Wiglaf to kill the dragon plaguing Geatland.

6. Vocabulary