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WHO IS MALALA? Malala Yousafzai was born on 12 July 1997 in Mingora, Pakistan. She is a Pakistani female education activist and she is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. When she was 15, she was on her way to school and was shot by the Taliban. Malala was admitted to the hospital in Birmingham where she stayed for many weeks. Since leaving the hospital Malala has lived and studied in the UK. She has continued to fight for Pakistani female education.

THE WEAPONS: Malala was born in Pakistan in the Swat Valley. When she was born the towns of Swat Valley was very beautiful. But today, the cities have been destroyed by the Talibans and their weapons. Malala was shot by a Taliban. Weapons are a big problem for life and education in Pakistan and in the world.

THE EDUCATION: Malala's father is an example for her, he's a professor, and he thinks education is very important and fights for it. He also passed this message on to Malala and indeed she's been fighting to study since she was a child. Together with her father in Pakistan, she fought the Taliban to go to school together with her friends and all the girls. Malala is one of the most important activist for the education in the world. Once Malala said:"one child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the word". I think these are the tools for bringing education in the whole world

THE LOVE: Malala is spreading her love all over the world, advocating for the education of all girls. She loves reading and learning, considers education important and a right for everyone. With love she fought against death Malala has given a lot of love and now receives a lot of love from her supporters, especially in difficult times like when she was in the hospital and she was about to die. Malala loves the world, her family, the freedom of her country and education. Copia la traduzione e sostituisci il testo di partenza, se possibile

THE CHAIN: The chain is a symbol of strength, endurance and tenacity. Like Malala, it resists all difficulties. Like the earthquake that damaged the school when she was little, or when the valley where she lived was controlled by the Taliban, or l when she was about to die in the hospital, and the people who did not allow her to voice her opinion. Malala is like a chain, she resists and fights for her ideas.

FAITH IN GOD: This book is the Quran, the sacred book of Muslim. Malala is from Pakistan so she is a Muslim, she prays to Allah. Since the first pages of the book I read that Malala's faith in God is very big. She often thanks Allah for the good fortune of being alive, of having a family, for the possibility of going to school. These things are for me granted and banal, I have to learn to appreciate them more.

THE FREEDOM When Malala was a child, she dreamed of being free to study, to go out without a veil on her head, to wear everything she wanted. She fought for it, and she scared the Taliban. They tried to kill her, but they made her get free. Now she's not happy with her freedom yet, she's fighting for the freedom of others, and she's scaring the Taliban even more.

THE STORY: I really liked Malala’s story, and it taught me a lot of things. I agree with Malala because I think education is very important and because I believe in gender equality. I often fight for my ideas in my classroom and outside. During the summer, I worked for more than two months as a volunteer to help people who don’t have the same luck as me. Malala is now an example for me.