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prohibitionism and the temperance movement




the atlantic








What do you remeber about Edgar Allan Poe, his lifestyle and the circumstances surrounding his death?

Poe and Sons of Temperance

  1. How did Edgar Allan Poe's personal battle with alcoholism reflect the prevalence of alcohol abuse in American society during the 19th century? What societal factors may have contributed to this widespread issue?
  2. Explore the connection between Edgar Allan Poe's writing and his struggles with alcoholism. How did his experiences with alcohol influence the themes, tone, and characters in his works? Can we see reflections of societal attitudes towards alcohol in his stories and poems?

Poe Reflected in Society


Why do you believe many Americans support Prohibition to begin with? And how did supporters of Prohibitionism try to sell this idea?

Read the text and discuss

Background on prohibitionism

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  • Answer the questions at the bottom of the document
Class Discussion• What were arguments for prohibition at the time?• Do you think similar arguments could be effective today? Why?


primary sources

the case for prohibitionism

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The Great Gatsby


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Poe's Death

In a last ditch effort to stop drinking, just before his untimely death, Poe joined the Sons of Temperance. Nevertheless, it was perhaps too late, and he was too far gone. Poe would end up being found in a street gutter on death's doorstep in Baltimore, in what appeared to be a drunken stupor. He would then die only a mere two days later. These unusual circumstances surrounding his death led to much speculation.