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(and what's not)

What's literature?








Meet the three fundamental elements

Virginia Woolf, English author (1882-1941)
Salman Rushdie, Indian-British author (1947)
  1. Creator and master of the text
  2. Expresses their interests and opinions in their text (in one way or another)
  3. Enjoys freedom of thought and expression (unique style)
  4. Can decide where they stand on...

Who is the author?

  • Development
  • Fulfillment
  • Informed reader
  • Conflicted (also unpopular) ideas
  • Style
  • True to oneself
  • Complexity
  • Intimacy
  • Sensationalism
  • Money
  • Mass reader
  • Conformity
  • Conventions
  • Fame
  • Easy formulas
  • Exaggerations

It comes from textus, (fabric): it's a series of scenes (or chapters) constituted by actions that take place (or not) and end in a positive or negative way according to the characters' point of view.

What characters think and do is mostly the response to the conflict between various themes in the text such as love, friendship, betrayal, hate, racism, family, journey, etc.Such response is shaped in phrases, monologues, messages, dialogues, social media posts, etc. .

is a reader first:they are a part of a dynamic between their artistic self and their social self

Every author (also world-wide renowned ones like Zadie Smith on the left and Jonathan Franzen below)

Moby Dick as seen by Jodi Harvey-Brown, a paper artist

so that a book can become alive

Write your own answer to the question "What is literature to you?". Talk also about your experience as a reader or a writer, give examples of books that struck you or authors who you really enjoy reading.At least 20 lines. (formative assessment)