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Understanding different learning styles!

Keys to creating a supportive learning environment for all students!

Students with a reading and writing learning style often learn best by learning new information through reading of notes or textbooks. Taking notes benefits students with reading and writing learning styles greatly, they also benefit really well from re-writing their notes. Reading different sources of information including newspapers, text books, articles, and etc help these students learn best. We as educators need to make sure that we are offering different reading material for our students who learn this way.

Students with a visual learning style better understand and remember new information by looking at things, like a picture example or a video explanation. Students with this learning style like to physically see what they are learning so they can picture it in their head. These students can greatly benefit from highlighting important information in their notes, drawing their own illustrations in their notes, and looking at illustrations others have drawn.

Students with an auditory learning style usually learn best when directions are spoken to them. Auditory learners prefer to hear directions rather than read them. These students often learn well from educational songs or rhymes played to them. These students benefit extra from communication with others as well as themselves. When giving out lots of reading material we as educators need to make sure our students with auditory learning styles are understanding.

Students with Kinesthetic learning styles learn best when they are able to use their hands. This may also be referred to as tactile learning. These students learn very well when hands-on activities are involved. They like to get a feel for what they are being taught instead of just reading or hearing about it. Kinesthetic learners also do better when new information is shown to them through a video or simulation, similar to visual learners. As educators it’s always important to make sure we are including collaborative learning assignments that incorporate all kinds of learning styles.

Reading/Writing Learning style!

Auditory learning style!

Kinesthetic/Visual Learning styler