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Kelly Burns' "Who Am I?" presentation for INTC5001 Fall 2023


How I spent my summer2023
who am i

Kelly Burns


I started by gettting a new....
...then relaxing

My summer was first...

...all in one busy week!




Hogwarts Legacy
Overwatch 2

I went to my first Phillies' game, explored new local destinations, expanded my Lego collection, and, above all, played new games.

I enjoyed time with my friends, partner, and cat.

After that week,

Of course, I spent some of my Summer working.

I am a Professional Services Specialist with the Advocacy, Belonging, and Campus Standards (ABCs) team at Stockton University. I also spent the last several semesters as a remote writing tutor with Atlantic Cape Community College (ACCC). I am lucky to enjoy what I do.

Current Position

2021 Commencement Ceremony

I am a homebody, so I would like to work remote from my own home office. Fictionally, I certainly wouldn't mind joining a meeting from Naboo (Star Wars)

I've always dreamed of writing for a living while helping others learn to love writing. I aim to be a writing professor and help shape the future of meaningful communication.

Dream Role & Location

Technology has allowed me to reach writers in need of a tutor from home and finish earning my undergraduate degree during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As it is my goal to help adult students thrive while receiving an education, it is my duty to ensure that I am current on tools and processes that will help today and tomorrow's learners.

Technology applies itselfs in most areas of my life. Whether I am taking classes online, playing games with friends across the country, or helping students gain access to resources, I am frequently exposed to new systems, programs, and databases.

Applications of Technology

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You've been listening to "Carhartts and Converse" by Super Whatevr, a sample of some of the Indie/Alternative music I enjoy.

I'm looking forward to embracing the unknown and learning more about instructional tech!

Thank you!