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The stopped clock represents the past in which Eddie regrets not doing what he would have wanted to do, and it's another important theme of the book. He confronts his regrets and moments when he feels he has failed. In his encounter with the five people in heaven, he learns to forgive himself and find freedom through understanding the reasons behind his past actions.

The carousel represents the most relevant location in the story, which is Ruby Park. The park symbolizes Eddie's daily routine, his responsibilities, and his connections with the people who work there. But it's also the place of his death. Throughout the novel, it will be revealed that the five people in heaven are all linked to Ruby Park, emphasizing the concept that we are all interconnected.

"The Five People You Meet in Heaven'' is a novel written by Mitch Albom that explores life after death through the story of Eddie, an elderly man who dies in an accident at an amusement park while trying to save a girl. After his death, he meets five people in heaven, who played a significant role in his life. Through these people, Eddie relives key moments of his existence and discovers the hidden meaning behind past events and actions.

I really enjoyed this story because it completely engaged me and surprised me with its creativity. It struck me a lot because it explained a new hypothesis about life after death that I would have never imagined. It's a truly original and interesting idea. Since it's also written in a not-too-difficult way, I was able to understand almost the entire text and, of course, I also learned many new words.

These two flowers represent the theme of death and acceptance. The book explores death as a transition to another phase of existence. Eddie learns to understand the inevitable nature of death and find peace in accepting what has happened in his life.

The wrench symbolizes Eddie, the protagonist of the book, as it is his primary toll while he works as a maintenance worker in an amusement park called "Ruby Park". This symbolizes his role in repairing and maintaining the rides and attractions at the amusement park and reflects his journey in the afterlife, where he must repair his own life by meeting five people who had a significant role in his past. Overall, the wrench represents his ability to fix not only mechanical objects but also the broken pieces of his own life and relationships.

The piece of twisted metal represents the accident that led to Eddie's death, which happened while he was trying to save a girl from a ride that was about to fall on her. During the accident, a piece of metal from the ride fell to the ground, fatally injuring Eddie. It becomes a symbol of his death because it represents the crucial moment when his life ends and his journey in the afterlife begins.

The blue heart represents Marguerite, Eddie's beloved wife. Marguerite was the woman Eddie loved throughout his life, but due to some obstacles they faced, they were never able to fully live their love. The blue heart represents Eddie's desire to redeem lost time and to express his love.

The intricate knot symbolizes the connection between people and how destiny weaves them together in ways that are often not immediately evident. In fact, two main themes of the story are destiny and connection. The book explores how one person's actions can have a strong impact on the lives of others, highlighting the idea that all lives are interconnected.