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How did your summer go?Personally, I spent my holidays in...

Now I want to hear about you...Tell me about your summer...in music!!!

Here is an example:

Have you ever heard of this song?When was it released?Why do you think it relates to me?

This is The Miracle by Queen, a song from the summer of 1989!I was your age, and I was spending my summer in England on a study holiday in Canterbury. I did not understand the meaning of all the words back then (as I do now!!) but this rather melodious song embodies that summer abroad... it is the song of my first year in England... my friend Ziba from Imola, London Bridge and The Dungeon, Canterbury and its Macdonald, my English teacher with stripped jeans and in love with "Curiosity killed the cat". This song represents the holiday which truly changed my life, deepening my passion for the English language, allowing me to create strong bonds of friendship, and definitely paving the way for the person I have become today.

My favourite line from the song is "The one thing we're all waiting for is peace on earth, an end to war. It's a miracle we need, the miracle. The miracle we're all waiting for today

Now it's your turn:

You have 10 minutes to: - think about a song that has been significant to you throughout the summer time - prepare a short oral speech (max. 90 seconds) in which you say:

  • the reason why you picked that specific song
  • a moment of your holidays you associate it with
  • a meaningful quote from the song
Remember to use interesting expressions and words!!

Let's hear from you!