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Deep Diving into Research

What is research? How do you conduct research? What types of jobs involve research?


Guided Notes

What is Research?


Turn your volume/speakers up/on so you can hear the narration on each slide!

"Research is the process of solving problems, answering questions, and finding facts in an organized way."

What is Research?


What types of jobs involve research?

Can you imagine living here? If your job was conducting marine research, you could! Almost every job involves research. Click the green touch button below to learn about 11 jobs that involve research!

What types of jobs involve research?

How do you conduct research?


Check out the video on this page to learn about the process of completing a research project!

How do you conduct research?

Let's Recap: Focus In

Think about a topic you are interested in. Now, think of a question or series of closely related questions based on your topic. Your research will focus on answering your question(s)!

Too Broad or Too Narrow?

Your research should be focused on answering a specific question. For example: How have video game graphics changed in the past decade? If entire books (or even encyclopedias!) have been written about your topic, it's best to narrow down your question. Here are a few questions that are far too broad.

  • What do we know about tornados?
  • What is the history of ballet?
  • Who are the most famous artists of all time?

Too Broad

  1. What do paleantologists do?
  2. What are the different dog breeds and how did each breed come to be?
  3. What happened after the Battle of Hastings?
  4. How did they make the movie Jurassic Park?

Too Narrow


  1. Is fracking dangerous?
  2. Who will become the next reigning monarch of Great Britain?
  3. What is the difference between a tiger and a lion?
  4. How can you tell if it's raining?

Next time we meet, you will CHOOSE YOUR TOPIC!Be thinking of ideas...