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2. What do banks NOT do?A. Help people get job.B. Lend money to peopleC. Provide a place for people to save their moneyD. Provide a place where people can pay their bills from

3. What do banks NOT do?A. Charge interestB. Tax peopleC. Give loansD. Allow people to pay bills online from their accounts

How much "interest" do borrowers have to pay?A. The story doesn't say.B. Most borrowers don't have to pay interest. C. Everyone pays the same amount of interest. D. It depends on a lot of things.

  1. How do banks make money?A. Saving their customers depositsB. Charging interest to those they lend toC. ElectronicallyD. By having a lot of accounts

How does "interest" work?A. Banks pay people more money than they borrowed.B. Banks require people to pay back the same amount they borrowed.C. Banks require people to pay back money they borrowed very quickly. D. Banks require people to pay back more money than they borrowed.