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By ru S Hayes

what are the jacobites?

he jacobites were anyone you stoud in suport of King James VII of Scotland and II of England. the name jacobites comes from the latin word for james.

the jacobites

It's actually a common misconceptions that the jacobites where just a big group of angry highlanders. There were actually plenty of english men and even french men that fought for the jacobites.

The jacobites were said to have altogether 600 men that all came from deferent backgrounds and religions.

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There is a common misconception that the other side was the English when actually it was the government and even highlanders fought on this side of the battle. brothers of jacobite members fighting against each other. Members of the same clan killing each other.

the other side

the goverment

the battel

There is a lot of speculation on why they were fighting over but the main reason was political opinion and power.

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The government wanted power over scotland and the americas

and it was not about religion or power

The Jacobites wanted independants and a change in monarch.


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why is this battel imortant

The battle of culloden was the most important battle of the Jacobite rising. There had being lots of indecisive battles leading up to culloden and this was the final showdown. There was two reason why this was so impotent. One was inverness was the last strong hold of inverness loose that and they lose everything

They lose Inverness, they lose all supplies such as food, weaponry, troops, shelter and a safe base. The second reason was that the government army was a long way from home and was tired and far from home. if they lost this there was no where they could go. The stakes were high for both but highest for the jacobites. so they had to get this right but boy did they get it wrong.

all of

the steps leading up to culloden


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after the battel there was the hiland clearenses

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So the Jacobites were defending Inverness and so it was important they choose the right battleground. The first mistake they made was they couldn't decide the best battleground. Once they thought they had the right battlefield they decided to do a night attack.

because that had worked for them in the past. but this decision was made too late so as they were at the spot where the troops were sleeping there was no one there. Little did the Jacobite know it was the duke of Cumberland's birthday so the government troops stopped on their way to the battle to celebrate the occasion

So after this they decided to keep travelling to act out this sneak attack but the sun began to come up so the jacobites decided to abandon the sneak attack. On their way back they all hell broke loose, and they were all separated and lost. So when they finally found each other they were cold, hungry and tired. So once they got their energy back up the government army showed up with a good night sleep belly full of food and ready to fight.

After that the Jacobites were flustered and were trying to think. well they can't retweet or they'll lose interest. they couldn't surrender because they'll lose the war. they had to fight but they were at a clear disadvantage. so after everything all of the fights all the men lost all the power earned. The Jacobites lost. The battle was over and the government troops killed every last one of them. Some of them knew each other were brothers and yet the Jacobites were no longer.

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the after math

After all this the English government outlawed anything that was associated with being a jacobite. which meant outlawing a lot of things in Gaelic culture such as tartan, bagpipes, position of weaponry and meeting up in groups. Because of this a lot of people were made homeless and had to flee the country mainly residing in canada. aka this was legal genocide that we still feel today. in the fact that there is more Gaelic speaking outside of Scotland than in it.

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