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Edimburgh is a city in the southeast of Scotland. It's the capital city of Scotland, but it's a small city - the popolation of Edimburgh is around 500,000. The Scottish parliament and Holyrood Palace, the official Scottish residence of the Queen (King), are in Edimburgh. The castle in Edimburgh is spectacular; it's around 900 years old. It's on an old volcano. The Edimburgh Festival Fringe is in August every year.

Hi there, i'm in Edimburgh! It's a very beautiful city because it has got a many places to visit and to uncover. There is a Edimburgh's castle, Holyrood Palace, Scottish National Museum and many other, but i visit Monument Scott, Arthur's seat and the National Gallery of Scotland. And you? Where are youspeding your holidays? See you soon, bye bye Maria Sole

Edimburgh is a city of United Kindom and is the capital of Scotland. It is famous for special architecture as your buildings in the stile gothic and the street paved. The main places are the castle of Edimburgh, Arthur's seat, Holyrood Palace and a Scottish National Museum. The part more old and the Castle are, from the 1995 , Unesco heritage.