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JLL Property Management

JLL Property Management Construction Services has the experience to effectively manage all project phases for landlord and tenant work:

What we do

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Pre-lease execution phase

Design/approval phase


Project close-out phase

Our professionals have unmatched planning, design and construction expertise, and can effectively coordinate all construction activities in support of management & leasing function during these critical phases.

JLL has a track record of opening stores on time and within budget, and we have expedited grand openings, ensuring rents commenced sooner.

Art Papaceno

SVP, Retail Construction

Construction Services

Oswego Town Square - Lake Oswego, OR

JLL Property Management

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Construction Services

Pre-leaseexecution phase



Project close-outphase

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Halcyon case study

Halcyon Alpharetta, Georgia Client: RocaPoint Partners $370M A mixed-use asset

Construction project management

Tenant coordination

Tenant constructionmanagement

Alpharetta, GeorgiaClient: RocaPoint Partners A mixed-use asset Delivered Fall 2019




Total cost of the project

Tenant spaces delivered

All on-going construction work for the project, following the grand opening, awarded to JLL


SF of Halcyon

To learn more:

Art PapacenoSVP, Retail Constructionart.papaceno@jll.com

Project close-out phase

Obtain architect’s certification.

Obtain project close-out manual containing as-built drawings, warranty certificates, manuals for owner provided equipment, at a minimum.

Obtain from tenant required Tenant Improvement Allowance paperwork as outlined in the lease. Verify the documents and submit to landlord.

Tenant Scope

Landlord Work

  • Coordinated tenant’s designs & utility requirements with core/shell designs
  • Ensured tenant’s plans were submitted to owner’s representative for review and approval
  • Ensured tenant’s landlord-approved plans were submitted to appropriate government departments & agencies, including Department of Health if necessary, for municipal approvals
  • Guided tenant through liquor license process, if required based on use
  • Held Construction Kickoff meetings with tenant & tenant’s contractor prior to the start of construction
  • Ensured tenant’s contractor had appropriate insurance coverages, paid applicable fees/deposits, and was familiar with & accepting of the Tenant Construction Rules & Regulations
  • Obtained closeout documentation including, but not limited to: as-builts, warranties, O&M manuals
  • Obtained reviewed the Tenant Improvement Allowance (TIA) documentation as identified in the lease
  • Submitted TIA package to owner for processing & reimbursement upon receipt of all required documentation

Tenant coordination

Construction phase

Monitor the project schedule and adjust where necessary. Keeping ownership advised of key milestones and critical path items.

Ensure Tenant’s contractors have appropriate COI’s and licenses. Review site construction rules and regulations with Tenant and their contractor.

Monitor and ensure all contractor RFI’s are addressed in a timely fashion to prevent any delays with the project.



Evaluate proposed change orders to ensure necessity and within budget. Locate root cause of CO to determine if there is opportunity for reimbursement.

In partnership with design pros, review and process all pay applications. All apps must have appropriate lien waivers and supporting documentation.

In partnership with design pros generate a project punch list and manage to completion.

Track Tenant progress vs. projected opening schedule.

Assist and monitor Tenant with inspection approvals and track the issuance of necessary permitting to facilitate the opening date.

Function as the point of contact for Tenant and their contractor to resolve any base building coordination issues.

Acting as agent for owner, prepare and execute contracts for the project.

Both Tenant and Landlord

Obtain all necessary inspections and certifications for opening.

Conduct on-site inspections to ensure conformance to plans and specifications, as well as reviewing job site conditions.

Design/approval phase

Solicit proposals and prequalify design professionals necessary to complete the project.

Verify Tenant has retained qualified design professionals and is maintaining a schedule conforming to the overall schedule for build-out and opening.

Review construction documents to ensure they represent the scope of work accurately.



Verify the ROM pricing and confirm any additions to the scope of work that effect the ROM estimates.

Prepare RFP for the project.

Review and level all responses to the RFP. After interviews, recommend a contractor to complete the project.

Verify Tenant plans are submitted to appropriate consultant for design criteria review.

Ensure and track the progress of Tenant’s plans through appropriate jurisdictions and departments, including health department, if necessary.

Coordinate Tenant drawings/utilities with base building drawings.

Acting as agent for owner, prepare and execute contracts for the project.

  • Served as liaison between tenant/tenant contractor & Core/Shell design/construction team to resolve coordination issues with Core/Shell construction
  • Tracked tenant design, permitting, & construction progress against projected Grand Opening schedule
  • Assisted and monitored tenant with inspection approvals

Tenant construction management

  • Reviewed LOI’s & lease language to provide guidance on construction related issues
  • Provided Rough Order of Magnitude pricing estimates & project durations for any Landlord Work not already covered as part of the Core/Shell construction
  • Reviewed core/shell design documents and tenant-specific “white box” designs to ensure the scope of work, as determined in the lease, was captured accurately
  • Managed the RFP process for any tenant-specific work not being performed as part of core/shell construction
  • Included bid-leveling and recommendations to Owner for contract award
  • Prepared contracts for Owner’s review & signature
  • Monitored construction progress (both core/shell and tenant-specific Landlord Work) against lease milestones & deadlines and Grand Opening Schedule; and reported to Ownership accordingly
  • Evaluated change orders proposed as part of tenant-specific Landlord Work and made recommendations to Owner
  • Conducted site inspections to ensure conformance to plans and safe jobsite conditions
  • Partnered with design professional to review & process pay applications; ensuring all relevant lien waivers & supporting documentation were included in the application package
  • Managed & documented the official Delivery of Premises to Tenant upon completion of the Landlord Work

Construction project management

Pre-lease execution phase

Review LOIs and lease language to provide guidance on construction-related issues.

Provide Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) pricing estimates.

Review and comment on proposed delivery schedules.