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Classroom Etiquette by Kaylen Gerkey

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ABOUT MEMy name is Kaylen GerkeyHistory/Social Studies/Civics & ELA (English Language Arts)I am starting my 8th year as a teacher and I have taught many subjects and different content areas from Math, English, History / Social Studies, sports, and Spanish. I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but left to study undergraduate and graduate school in Texas, where I obtained my Bachelor's and Master's degree. I also played soccer in college and after. In 2014, I moved back home to Arizona to teach and get my teacher's certificate. In 2018, I moved to Madrid, Spain to continue my soccer career where I played for a few different teams, most prominently CD Getafe Femenino with whom I won the league in 2021. I also taught in an American school while in Madrid for two years. In 2021, my fiancé and I moved back to England and I have moved back and forth between England and America since (and lived in Peru for a year in 2022 - teaching English as a foreign language). Presently, I am living between America and England and am currently playing semi-pro soccer in England with Real Bedford FC (previously played for Billericay Town FC and Cambridge City). Design by Kaylen Gerkey