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Next MA Zero SC


Ensuring that the property complies with legal requirements

Dealing with tenant inquiries

General maintenance

Arranging repairs

Supervise third-party vendors and contractors

Collecting rent

Managing agents have extensive knowledge of the local property market and are responsible for maximizing the rental income for their clients.

Their roles include :

A managing agent is a professional who manages properties on behalf of landlords or property owners.

What is a Managing Agent


Adam Geoffrey Management LTD

Mohammed Shabir Landlord

Canopy Property Management LTD T/A Accomodation Warehouse

Arvan Ltd CO Unit Management LTD

Bartley Management Limited

Lettuce property Management Ltd

Grand Central Management Company Ltd


HMO (Management) Ltd T/A Flax & Co

Sussex Estate Management LTD

SG Property Management LTD

Who do we currently work with ?

The managing agent market in the UK is substantial and growing.According to a recent report by IBISWorld, the industry's revenue is projected to reach £9.1 billion in 2021, up from £8.4 billion in 2016.The market is highly fragmented, with many small and medium-sized firms operating alongside larger companies.

Size of Managing Agent market in the UK ?

  • E.On Next has a SME portfolio of 350,000 meter points
  • 60,000 + meter points are Managing Agent lead
  • E.On Next have no specialised Managing agent tariff or proposition
  • The MA base is likely to churn now that the market is fully open feedback from two of our MA’s suggest this being the case (Argent/Savills)
  • Competitors have reintroduced Zero Standing Charge tariffs (EDF/BG/SP)
  • No flag to identify or actively monitor Managing agent led meterpoints
  • No MA-led debt reporting
  • No Managing Agent Agreement
  • No framework with which to actively manage relationships with Managing agent
  • We don’t treat a managing agent led business any differently to any other business




  • The purpose of a Void tariff is to support SME customers with a portfolio of properties (Managing Agents and Landlords) to manage short term Vacant properties with a Zero Standing Charge Product until the premise is tenanted.
  • In the core business we offered this product, but challenges with profitability led to product being ended through migration.
  • The success of the relaunch is dependant on tight operational controls and renewal journey of the product.
  • Void tariff will be referred to as Next Business Zero SC

Qualifying for Next Zero SME cont.....

Cannot qualify for Next Zero SC




Quaifies for Next Zero SC

Do they follow the principle sale terms ?

Cannot qualify for Next Zero SC


Will sign up to a new MA Agreement ?


Existing portfolio cannot qualify for Next Zero SC


Do they have an existing portfolio with us ?

Change communicated

Interested managing agent

  • SME only qualify for Next Zero
  • Vacant business premises only
  • Managing agents & or TPI have to sign up to either one of two managing agent agreements
  • Tariff access granted to new and existing managining agents however, not to existing portfolios
  • Tariff access granted to new aquisitions only (no renewals)
  • Tariff access granted to managing agents with 10+ sites with Eon Next
  • Tariff access granted to managing agents with no more than 15% of their portfolio on Next Business Zero SC tariff
  • Contract will be 6 month (180 days) and enter BAU renewal process (Fixed offer a CED - 67 days)

Qualifying for Next Zero SME

TPI / Indirect





Credit Ops



Key points to remember per department

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What this looks like in

As explained Operations should not get any voice demand with managing agents so if you do receive a call from them, please explain that we have a dedicated team that services them and give them the email address businessmulti@eonnext.com


This E-Learning was created by the Skills Academy (27/09/2023)

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Wiki page

Operation should not receive any demand on voice from managing agents, if you do recieve calls around this please direct to team TH (Tash Hughs) by email businessmulti@eonnext.com

Next Zero SME serviced in Maz Coleman’s area under Tash Hughes’ team

  • Servicing will be provided via emails
  • System flag to identify MA led meterpoints
  • Managing Agents and change of responsibility Adding and changing managing agents on portfolio’s, along with linking/unlinking accounts and adding/removing users on accounts are all a potential cause of a data breach.

  1. MA's are identified by Dan Hernandez and/or Jenna Wagg TPI
  2. MA onboarding journey starts with Dan and Jenna, MAs are placed through a process to check credibility, opportunities and any potential risks
  3. With onboarding complete, data is then shared between TPI and direct sales to onboard onto Kraken (MA to contact sales direct for tariff)
  4. Tariff is sold and direct service can start operating

Click here to see what a Managing agent account looks like in Kraken

Managing agent accounts are identified with an MA campaign in kraken

Next business Zero SC is ringfenced for specific user access only

Change communicated to Tori

TPI-style MA onboarding to be completed by Dan Hernandez and Jenna Wagg with added controls -

  • Managing agents have to be part of the RICS (Royal Institute of chartered surveyors) and/or ARMA (Associated of residential managing agents) governing bodies (this is voluntary) and TPIs have to be ADR registered.

Two legally binding agreements - MA agreements - MA agreement where the MA is liable for billing, and another MA agreement where payment is made through client account.

Average PPU for ZSC product (Elec 51.8, 15.8 Gas)£700 Average GM per account and c.15k average GM per portfolio

SME Next Zero will be sold in this area but by direct sales teams, marketing and product information will also be covered by these teams.

  • There will be no backdating
  • Minimum usage of 500kwh - ZSC trrii's minimum KWH size is 500, enough for CCTV and lighting
  • ZSC will work with both Elec and Gas
  • Zero standing charge with high PPU supporting void properties
  • End to end sales through to service from dedicated sales and service teams

Slow payers guide

Customer's who have a portfolio of over 30 or more meter points would go down slow payers journey. Any customer with less than this (Including smaller managing agents) would go through BAU - no dunning process for first 28 days