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Please use this infographic to help organize the information you need to know. This infographic will be updated every month. If you have questions, please reach out.

i-Ready Days

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Testing Information

High school (info to know)

CCA Clubs CCA club registrations will open on _________. Students and families can view and register for a variety of clubs through edio. To view the available clubs and to register, please complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your edio account;
  2. Click on “Community” in the left menu;
  3. Click on the “Clubs” tab;
  4. View and learn about what club(s) fit with your child’s grade level, interests, and schedule;
  5. When you have determined the club(s) in which your child will participate, click on “Join Club”;
  6. Enter the information requested and then click on “Add Selected”.
Once you have submitted your child’s club requests, they will be reviewed by the club adviser for final approval. Please note, when your child registers him/herself for a club, an email will be sent to your edio webmail for approval before it is forwarded to the club adviser for final approval. Do you have suggestions or ideas for new clubs? Please click on the following link to share your ideas and recommendations: https://bit.ly/39MjdiU All suggestions will be considered; however, we cannot guarantee if and/or when the new club will be implemented. If you have any questions about a club, please contact the club adviser, whose contact information is located in the information section of the club in edio.


  • Cap and Gown Orders – We will be accepting them throughout the spring!
    • Ensure your address is accurate/up to date
      • If you plan on moving, they MUST call enrollment to update your address so that the diploma, cap/gown, etc. get to the right location.
    • Directions to Access the 2023 Cap and Gown Order Form: Student:
      1. Log into your student edio account.
      2. While logged into edio, open a new tab in your browser and copy and paste the following link: https://sis.ccaeducate.me/public
      3. Click on “Forms” in the left menu.
      4. Click on “2024 Graduation Cap and Gown Order Form” under the heading “Graduation”.
      5. Complete the form and click “Submit”.
      1. Log into your caretaker edio account.
      2. Click on “Profile” in the menu at the bottom left of your screen.
      3. Click on “Forms & Testing”.
      4. Click on “Fill Out” on the “Parent Portal” tile.
      5. If you have more than one enrolled child, please select the appropriate name at the top of the screen.
      6. Click on “Forms” in the left menu.
      7. Click on “2024 Graduation Cap and Gown Order Form” under the heading “Graduation”.
      8. Complete the form and click “Submit”.
Senior Yearbook Photos When submitting your own photo, please keep the following items in mind:
  • Only one photo of each student will be accepted.
  • The photo must be school appropriate and not contain inappropriate clothing, graphics, and/or words.
  • Do not use filters or special effects.
  • The photo should be a standard portrait-style pose (just above the head to the upper abdomen).
The deadline to submit a student photo is TBA. Please click on the link below to submit your student’s photo. Please note, you must be logged in to edio to use this form as it’s only accessible using your edio account. Important note for all 12th-grade students: The below link also allows you to submit post-graduation plans or a graduation quote to be included in the yearbook even if you will be using your picture day photo. All plans and/or quotes must not contain inappropriate language or references and are subject to approval. Yearbook Photo and Post-Graduation Information Submission Form - TBH Information about pre-ordering the 2023-24 yearbooks will be communicated.. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the yearbook team at yearbook@ccaeducate.me.
  • Grad Pathways and Alternative Plans
    • The Pennsylvania General Assembly in 2018 enacted a law, Act 158 of 2018, that provides students with a variety of opportunities to demonstrate post-high school readiness. All students have five pathways from which to choose to satisfy Pennsylvania’s graduation requirements (see the below graphic). You can also view a brief video overview of Pennsylvania’s graduation pathways at the following link: https://youtu.be/V1b3GNGI6X4
    • Have you satisfied a graduation pathway?
    • The dashboard below is updated regularly and has great training resources for you and your family!
      • Can you help me understand GRADUATION PATHWAYS?
        • Includes an infographic, 3 minute video, Genially, etc.
CCA Career Readiness Dashboard 2022-2023

High School Information Are you new to high school or perhaps new to our school or simply forgot things you should know as a high school student? No worries this genially will help guide you in knowing important information. High School Information

Keystones, ASVAB, ACT, ACT WorkKeys, etc. Keystones:

  • If you plan to opt your child out of taking the Keystone Exams, please choose the appropriate reason on the registration form. If you are opting out for medical reasons, you will need to submit documentation signed by a medical professional. If you are opting out for religious reasons, you will need to set up a time to review the exams at a CCA Family Service Center. Note: Opting out for any reason may negatively impact CCA’s Future Ready PA Index score, which is managed, administered, and calculated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, as required by federal law.
  • TBH
  • TBH
  • TBH
If you have any questions about the Keystone Exams, ASVAB, or any of the other tests CCA offers, please contact the State Testing Team at statetesting@ccaeducate.me.

CCA Field Trips CCA field trip registrations will open on _________. Students and families can view and register for a variety of field trips through edio. How to Video

Work Ready Wednesdays ZOOM LINK Work Ready Wednesdays: Caretakers and students please see below the link for Work Ready Wednesdays that includes many resources for you to search through. Career Readiness Dashboard 23-24 SY

iReady Benchmark Days During the 2023-2024 school year, homeroom advisors will be the sole proctor for the homeroom learners, for both the Math and ELA Benchmarks throughout the school year, hosting their learners in the personal Zoom Rooms. This will be added to your edio calendars. At the high school level, iReady helps us to know what you are able to do and what you can work on throughout the school year. Teachers use these reports to personalize learning for you. Of course, your English and Math teachers will be using this information to support your learning, but all teachers (including special education, if applicable) use iReady. Notes all dates on your calendars: Benchmark 1: September 19 (Reading) & September 27 (Math) Benchmark 2: January 9 (Reading) & January 17 (Math) Benchmark 3: April 9 (Reading) & April 17 (Math) Morning Session: 8:30am - 11:00am Afternoon Session: 12:00pm - 2:30pm ***Those who are exempt will receive a chat message with which benchmark they are exempt from. If you are exempt, treat the Benchmark Days as a CCA Flex Day. You must still log in.*** Thank you for your continued participation in the benchmarks as we dive deeper into the learning process this school year. Please keep in mind that students will not have core classes on the dates below but may still have live classes and lessons in their elective courses. If you miss the benchmark days: Please book a meeting with Mr. Manny so that he may read you the directions and you can make them up. Remember that i-Ready is only accessible between 7 am and 8 pm Monday through Friday.

Semester 1 - Quarter 1 On September 6th, any Semester 1 and Marking Period 1 Courses will be beginning. If you are unsure of if any of your courses are a Full year, Quarterly or Semester, please go to your student's profile in edio and click on the academic tab to find their courses. Below is an example of what the Academic Tab looks like. Note: If any courses have Christina Jackson as the teacher, those courses are taught through Edgenuity and will not appear on their calendar in edio. Students are responsible for checking their work for those classes on their own.

Homeroom Resources 2023-2024 Student Calendar Attendance:

  • Families have three school days to provide an excuse for missed days.
  • If a family misses 3 days or more in a row the note should be a medical excuse.
  • How to Video
  • If you will be away due to an educational reason please have your caretaker complete the form
    • "Educational Trip Request"
SMS Text Messaging:
  • This allows teachers and school counselors to easily contact and support you.
  • How to Video
  • Caretaker are able to monitor their learners information through edioGo (Mobile App)
    • How to Video
Username/Password Reset:
  • If you forget your username or password you may reset it on your own or reach out to me for support.
  • How to Video
Attending Local School Activities:
  • If you plan to attend any of your local school district activities please reach out to me so that we can start the process.
  • If you need a work permit to start working you must contact your local school district to request it.

Customer Care 866-661-5695 or 844-590-2864 Name: Tech Support Email: ccatech@ccaeducate.me PN: 833-204-2221 If you or your family have any questions or concerns about technology please do not hesitate to either email or call tech support. They are available to support you and your family in finding easy solutions to your issues. Need a second monitor or other tech supplies? Please see the following link to learn more and order! COMET'S TECH CLOSET Name: Enrollment & Materials PN: 844-590-2864 If you or your family have any questions or concerns about materials or change of address please do not hesitate to email enrollment. They are available to support you and your family in finding easy solutions to your issues.

Advisor Name: Mr. Emanuel Aponte (Mr. Manny) Email: eaponte@ccaeducate.me PN: 717-710-3300 x11626 Book a Meeting with Mr. Manny Notes from Mr. Manny: My amazing 9th graders, you have Commitment Day on Friday, October 13th @1pm. These will be happening at your local Family Service Centers and virtually. Caretakers can register learners through the Field Trips tab (available September 11) Please take a moment to take our Homeroom Minion Survey if you have not done so Survey

Counselor Name: Ms. Narissa Gregorio Email: ngregorio@ccaeducate.me PN: 717-710-3300 x13208 Book a Meeting with Ms. Gregorio If you or your family have any questions about the classes you are taking, goals after high school, graduation pathways, etc., please reach out to Ms. Gregorio. Notes from Ms. Gregorio: