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Español 1

Is this the elective for you?






~Everything you need to get started with Spanish 1~

What will I expect from you?

What can you expect from me?

What resources are available?

Tips, Tricks, and Contact Info!

When in doubt, check the resources page on our class page in edio! For resources like test study guides that are specific to a Unit, check the "Prep for Success" tab in the first lesson of each unit.

Resources for Spanish 1

Virtual Spanish Notebook

Spanish Grammar Overview

Auténtico Textbook

  • Put in an honest effort to complete work with integrity and curiosity: follow the honor code!
    • This means NO TRANSLATION APPS such as Google Translate used when completing lessons or assessments
    • NO dictionaries or outside resources used unless specifically noted in the assignment
  • Reach out when you need help!
    • Want a tutor session? Have a question on an assignment? Want to know a word's translation? ASK!

What are your responsibilities as a Spanish 1 student?

Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world, and over 41 million people in the USA alone speak the language!Language electives look good on college applications. Most selective colleges want to see 2 years of foreign language study.Second language speakers are more competitive in the job market!

Why Spanish 1?

This course will practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities throughout the school year, and you will be required to demonstrate these skills in graded assignments.This course moves quickly - you're expected to keep track of your assignments and the material we've covered in the class.


As your Spanish 1 teacher, you can expect...

  • prompt responses to edio chats and emails
  • one on one tutoring by request
  • test/assessment correction opportunities on a case-by-case basis
  • multiple resources for study and review, as well as guides to assessments and example notes pages
  • lots of Bitmoji shenanigans and cheesy songs

What can you expect from Srta. Bastian?

  • Come to class synchronously when you are able! This will provide you with so many learning and practice opportunities as opposed to edio.
  • Take your own notes! Use the virtual notebook as a model, but writing your own notes will help cement the knowledge.
  • Seek out more Spanish! Listen to music, watch shows and movies, and read Spanish signs when possible!

Pro Tips from Señorita!

Webmail: lbastian@ccaeducate.me Phone: (717) 710 - 3300 ext. 11520 Guided Instruction and Live Lessons: Period 4 (10:35am-11:20am)