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October 2023Esther Vidal

Introduction to the Finish Education



The Alba special education center is located in Reus. Reus is a city south of Barcelona with a wide range of cultural, architectural (Modernist) and tourist attractions. CEE Alba attends to students with special needs arising from intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy or others, from 3 to 21 years old.



All our students are very diverse in terms of autonomy, academic skills, work, health, etc. But all of them present difficulties in three areas: - Learning - Communication. - Participation.



Respond to the main needs presented by our students, in favor of promoting their inclusion and social participation and their maximum quality of life.To do this, we use our human resources, inclusive and experimental teaching proposals and support technology (ICT and AT).

Principal goal?


The team

More information

We have a diverse and extensive team of professionals to attend to the needs of our students: - Special education teachers - Teacher assistants - Speech therapists - Physiotherapists - Psychologists - Social workers - Nurse - Music therapistThey all work and attend to the students in a global and coordinated way.

Els serveis tècnics.


We have:- Digital boards.- Interactive screens- Ipads- Laptop computers- Beebots

We have:- Bigmacks.- Step by step.- Switches to acces computers, games and other devices.- Technologycal comunicator.- Wide variety of sensory stimulation devices.

What technology?


Access mode: On. For inclusive education.

Our Erasmus+ Project

We want to provide training on ICT and AT in ordinary schools in order to guarantee the right to learning, communication and participation of pupils with special needs.

We want to know what is being done in Europe on this subject, and incorporate all those transferable aspects into our methodology.

The school has been open for 40 years and we have been incorporating new technologies for around 20 years. We are the center of reference in the area.

Technology enhances and increases the learning, communication and participation of our students.


Thank you for your attention