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A musical critique class


In these videos, the Youtuber Roomie plays a quick clip of the original song and then plays a bit of the cover (same song by a different artist). He critiques throughout the video. Follow along with the Form and answer the questions.

Roomie talks about belting. Belting is a specific technique of singing giving more power to the higher notes of a singer's range.

Click on the play button to play the video comparing 2 versions of Love Yourself.

there'll be longer videos of both versions on the next page.

To the right you can listen a longer piece of the original Love Yourself by Justin Bieber.

To the left you can listen to a longer piece of Dua Lipa's cover. Then in the Form write how these 2 versions compare and remember our descriptive words work we've done the past few days.

The original Message in a Bottle by the Police wasn't long enough for a good sampling of Sting's singing, so on the next page is a little longer clip of the original song so you can compare to Bruno Mars' version in the form.

You may play this video to hear a bit more of the original by The Police to help you answer the question in the form.

How Roomie is describing the difference between these covers is a big reason why I’m using his video. I want you to listen and think critically about music. If you can actually talk about why something is good or bad you will have more pull and say in your argument or conversation. Roomie talks about Billie Eilish pronouncing the ‘a’ in bad being wildly different than MJ’s.

Since Roomie played so little of the original by Michael Jackson I've posted the video here for a better sampling to help you really compare both versions.

You'll hear both versions in this clip

To the left is a clip of the original Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Roomie barely plays any of the orginal song in the video since it's so well known.

and on the bottom is Roomie's critique and Panic! At The Disco's version played live.

What do you think of Post Malone's singing and performance on this cover?

On the left is the original Mad World by Tears for Fears. Roomie in the video plays this for one second and goes on about the cover being more famous. I cut Roomie out so you can form your own opinions.

on the right is Mad World by Gary Jules which was featured in a movie-Donnie Darko.

Above is Roomie playing both clips of the song. Again he plays the cover longer and comments on the cover more. On the bottom I have a longer version of the original.