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SDG 17

Access to science, technology and innovation must be available to all countries. The role of international cooperation is crucial to transfer this knowledge from more developed countries to less developed countries so that they can increase their capacity to develop.

Partnerships for the Goals

Science, technology and innovation

How can we ensure that the SDGs are realised in all countries?

According to the World Bank, countries can be classified into four categories based on their gross national income per capita:

  • Low-income countries
  • Lower middle-income countries
  • Upper-middle-income countries
  • High-income countries

Monitorization? How can we measure Development?

Official Development Assistance (ODA) in this context is the support provided by public agencies in donor countries to developing countries in the form of projects, programmes, provision of goods and services, debt relief operations and contributions to NGDOs or multilateral bodies

Financial Resources

of Gross National Income to developing countries.





The criteria for what does and does not constitute ODA have been defined within the framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (Ferreira, P. M., 2015).

Developed countries should fully implement their ODA commitments including channeling 0.7% of Gross National Income to developing countries.

It was developed in response to the strong criticism of the use of GDP to measure development and its inability to account for the dimension of human living conditions. The HDI is made up of indicators in three broad dimensions:

  • health and life expectancy
  • education and knowledge
  • economic conditions of subsistence.

The United Nations has been monitoring progress on the SDGs through a statistical index, which encompasses several dimensions now associated with development, including environmental issues, but also others.

Explore the data:

Human Development Index (HDI)is other development indicator on an international scale.

Monitorization? How can we measure Development?

Because… It's always better when we're together:

The Global Goals can only be realised byworking together between countries and within countries.To build a better world, we need to be supportive, empathetic, innovative, passionate and, above all, collaborative.



ASDG 17 encompasses other dimensions needed to achieve the SDGs, such as capacity building, international trade, policy coherence, among others.To explore this topic go here :

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