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Intergalactica by Alex Lato

USA - Grades 3 - 6

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Multiples of 3


Question Medley


Age 7 - 10

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Level 1

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The questions in this episode are designed for children between 7 & 10. They will be challenging for most 7 year olds, and easy for most 10 year olds. For 8-9 year olds it depends where they are in their development. If these questions are too easy, please consider trying the Level 2 adventure! Click here to return to the Interactive Adventure Hub.


Select the correct answer to proceed to the next question. Choose wrongly, and you will have to wait a few seconds before you are allowed to continue.Complete each mission to uncover a number that forms part of a 4 digit code.Enter the code into the final gateway to complete the adventure. Complete the adventure to earn a Mission Certificate and a DETER code.Collect 10 Deter Codes to become a DETER member and access secret content.

Welcome to this Numberella Escape Room Adventure


- mission 1 - Candy Cane Man

Full Story + All Missions

- mission 2 - Lollipop Queen

- MISSION 3 - The Unicorn

- MISSION 4 - Santa Claus

Christmas Eve, 2098. Probabilium Central. 69th Floor, The Hexagon. 3pm.

V For Victory by Romy Conzen

Numberella and Ronnie have recently returned from the Lost World Of Sanakhte in Meravilium.Due to rumours of a planned Meltz attack on Mars, they have been recalled to DETER on Christmas Eve for some Warp Speed training. A trip to Mars beckons. Harry Hijack is leading the training. But Harry Hijack is late.

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“I can’t believe he’s late,” huffed Numberella. It was a murky, flat, grey afternoon in Probabilium which showed little sign of brightening. The view was impressive, in a drab way, the islands of the bay enormous crocodiles below the forests of skyscrapers swaying in the wintry breeze. “Harry Hijack is nearly always late,” said Ronnie. “He’s a flaky man.” “I’ve still got presents to wrap!” said Numberella. “I’ve still got presents to buy!” said Ronnie ruefully. “What time does the ANT Emporium shut tonight?” “I think it’s 5pm,” said Numberella, tartly. She wondered if one of the presents Ronnie still had to buy was for her. Judging by the guilty way he looked at his feet – it was. “Let’s do something,” said Ronnie. “I’m bored of sitting around. Why don’t we go up to the 216th floor?” “You know why,” said Numberella. “The 216th floor is restricted. Not only are we not allowed up there, we’re also still on a warning from Agent Schmidt for borrowing those new hover boards.

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If we get caught again she might put us in stasis. Remember what Miss A Go said in Meravilium, they’re starting to use stasis as a punishment.” “Bah,” said Ronnie. “Schmidt isn’t going to find out, she’s been sent off to Ganymede to deal with a Piq rebellion. We don’t need to worry about her.”“Ok fine,” said Numberella. “Let’s go.” The lift hissed softly. “You have arrived on the 216th floor. Level 5 clearance only. Have your passes ready.” “Is your hack still active?” murmured Ronnie.“Yes, yours?” said Numberella.“Should be,” breathed Ronnie. Numberella took out her holoscreen and held it under the scanner which had appeared from the ceiling above them. It pipped three times. Ronnie’s did too. “Phew,” said Ronnie. In front of them there was a large steel door which puffed open, and immediately shut again as they walked through. Then there was a strange sound, like the squeak of an airlock.

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“Woah,” said Ronnie, spinning round. The space where the door had been had disappeared, and when they touched the wall with their fingers, they could not detect even the finest seam. “I don’t like the feel of this,” said Numberella.Another hiss. In front of them, about 20 yards away, in the skirting board of a maroon wall, there were 4 tiny decorated arches, no higher than their ankles. They were very beautiful, and beams of light and traces of sound emitted from each arch. A little white unicorn could be seen prancing friskily in front of one of them. “Woah,” said Ronnie. “What in the known universe are they?” “I’m not sure,” said Numberella, “But…” Whatever Numberella was about to say was cut short by the harsh and unpleasantly familiar voice of Agent Schmidt. “So!” she said. “Despite the fact that you were warned one more transgression would be dealt with in the harshest possible manner.. you are once again OUT OF BOUNDS. What have you got to say for yourselves?” “Er, Agent Schmidt,” said Ronnie, “How nice to hear your voice, we thought you were..”

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“Silence!” shouted Agent Schmidt. “You thought I was on Ganymede. And so I am. But what you did not realise is that after the hover board incident your holoscreens were fitted with tracking devices. Any rule breaking - such as attempting to use your basic and frankly embarrassing hacks to access the 216th floor – alert me immediately!”Ronnie and Numberella looked at each other glumly. “Now what are we to do with you,” mused Agent Schmidt, with relish in her tone. In the background, other voices murmured. “No, I don’t think that would be too harsh, I agree it is dangerous, but no limbs have been lost since ‘96, and we have improved it since then… exactly…teach them a lesson,” Agent Schmidt could be heard saying. “So we are agreed? Very well. Numberella and Resist, stand to attention. The Committee has unanimously agreed that, in the light of your repeated flouting of DETER rules, you will be shrunk to 1/100 of your actual size. You will then be our guinea pigs in the experimental miniature worlds you see through the arches. If – and only if – you successfully work out how to leave them – you will be restored to your real size in time for Christmas. Otherwise – you will remain there, in miniature, until Easter. Let the shrinking commence!”

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There was a bright flash, and a grinding noise. Ronnie started shaking uncontrollably, and then vanished. Seconds later, he reappeared, minute, on the floor by Numberella’s foot.“Ronnie!” said Numberella. “I’ll get you for this Agent Schmidt!” squeaked Ronnie in a tiny voice, incandescent with rage. “You see if I don’t! You hideous orangutang! I will roast you over a slow fire! Spear you like a chicken on a spit…I’m going to steal your m…” There was another flash, and a grinding noise. Numberella felt herself being squashed into the tiniest imaginable space and felt a blinding panic so severe she thought she must die from it. Then suddenly she was stood next to Ronnie, who was still shouting, looking up at the vast and beautiful arches that stood in front of them.“Which one shall we try first,” mused Numberella, somewhat relieved that the shrinking had not caused the loss of any limbs.“I like the look of those candy canes,” said Ronnie. "Let's try that one."

They walked carefully past the candy canes and toffee apples at the entrance and were greeted by a brass band and the happy bustle of Christmas shoppers.“Want a candy cane?” asked a little man with a bright red face and gold hat. “Or a chocolate Christmas ingot?” “Ooh,” said Numberella, hesitating. “Yes please!” said Ronnie, taking a massive gold ingot. “Mmm,” he said, closing his eyes in ecstasy as an incredible combination of bitter cocoa, sugar and salted caramel exploded in his mouth. “Might I have one of the strawberries?” said Numberella. “Of course my lovely,” said the little man.“Mmm, these are the best strawberries ever,” said Numberella as a rich and intense strawberry flavour filled her throat. “They’re so juicy and sweet!” “What’s that flashing up there in the distance?” said Ronnie, his mouth still full of chocolate. "Shall we look?"

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Mission 1 - Candy Cane Man

A bit further along there was a small crowd gathered around a bridge. As they got closer, they saw that the bridge was covered in rose petal paving stones.“Merry Christmas travellers,” said a man with a bright red beard and gold teeth, leaning on a red and white candy cane and eating a toffee apple. “I am The Candy Cane Man. What brings you here?” “Well,” said Numberella. “We are actually looking for a way… out of here. We have been shrunk by… well, by Agent Schmidt… and we are trying to get back to our normal size.” “Oh,” said The Candy Cane man, and took another bite of his toffee apple. “Well, I don’t know anything about shrinking, but if you’re able to cross this here bridge, you might find what you’re looking for on the other side.”“Haven’t you ever crossed the bridge,” asked Numberella.“Certainly not!” said the man, laughing as if this was a ridiculous suggestion.“Why not?” asked Numberella.“Well the bridge is very dangerous, you see. It’s made of flashing numbers, and you have to know which numbers to jump on when they flash. None of us round here understand much about numbers. So we never bother going any further.”

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“Let me see,” said Numberella.Ahead of her, she could see the numbers in the road flashing. They appeared totally random. “What happens if you get it wrong?” she asked. “Oooh, it’s very bad,” said the man. “The last person who tried disappeared into the river never to be seen again.” “Er.. right,” said Numberella. “Are there any…you know… clues about which ones to jump on?”“Well I’m not sure,” said the man. “There are these strange letters here, but none of us can read, so we don’t know what they say. Maybe you can make sense of ‘em.”He pulled away some old mats, and sure enough, inscribed in the pavement, were the words:

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If you hope you'll soon be free, you need multiples of three.

- Mission 1 - The Candy Cane Man

"If you hope to soon be free, you’ll need multiples of 3"

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Let's Go Numberella!

Jump on the correct number to get over the bridge!




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Too Slow! Try Again!




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Too Slow! Try Again!




Too Slow! Try again!

Let's Go Ronnie!




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Too Slow! Try again!

Click on the star to reveal your first number - you will need all the numbers at the end to open the final lock


Click on Numberella to progress







whilst you are waiting, have a think about your answer


“Ouch!” shouted Ronnie, as he crashed hard onto the polished wooden floor of the maroon room. “Argh,” grunted Numberella, as she landed with a heavy thud next to him. “What next?” she said, getting unsteadily to her feet and looking at her watch. “Blue Arch?” “Yeah,” said Ronnie. “Let’s do it.” Towering before them was the blue arch. Drops of liquid were falling from the icicles and forming puddles on the floor. Blue angels were swooping up and down, playfully trying to catch the drops as they fell. There was a minty smell in the air and the sound of angels singing. “It smells like Gewing Chum from Wobbly Tums,” said Ronnie. I wonder if I could catch a drop of it.” Before Numberella could say anything, Ronnie ran up to the arch and opened his mouth.

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Mission 2 - The Lollipop Queen

A drop fell from one of the icicles and he caught it on his tongue. “Arghh,” he shouted, and grabbed his throat, falling to the ground and thrashing his legs around. “Ronnie!” screamed Numberella, running up to him and kneeling by him. “Heeeeelp!!!” she cried. “This is an emergency!! He…” She stopped. Ronnie was no longer holding his throat. He was laughing hysterically. “Hahahaha, Hahahaha, I got you there Numbers, you should have seen your face! Hahahaha,” he guffawed. Numberella looked at him stony faced. “You, Ronald Resist, are a putrid gimboid. A startling schmuck and a baribboned buffoon. That WAS NOT FUNNY!” “Sorry Numbers,” said Ronnie, holding his sides. “Shall we go through the blue arch?"Through the blue arch they went, past rows of empty seats covered with snow. Hints of eucalyptus filled the fresh cool air. Blue angels flew around them, singing what sounded like carols, and Numberella noticed that some of them were carrying scrolls.

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“What do you think those scrolls are?” she asked Ronnie.“Not sure – why don’t we try and grab one.” “Grab one? Honestly Ronald you’re such a barbarian. We should just try and ask for one first. “Er.. Excuse me,” she called towards a passing angel. “Might we have a look at one of your scrolls?” “Of a certainty,” sung the angel, and dropped the scroll. It landed plum on Ronnie’s head, and he let out a yell. “Hey! Watch where you’re dropping your stuff, you blue winged loon!” The angel flapped its wings in surprise, produced a large snow ball from a pouch on its back, and threw it hard in Ronnie’s face. While Ronnie was wiping snow out of his face, Numberella, still chuckling to herself, opened the scroll...

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- MISSION 2 - The Lollipop Queen

Ronnie's cheek gets him a snowball in the face. What lies in store behind the lollipops?

Click the path to begin

On the scroll it said: Knock on Door 55 rounded to the nearest ten.




The door opened. Inside, at the end of a long hall, seated on a throne of pure ice was a very beautiful woman. On her neon blue hair she wore a crown of the whitest gold which shimmered in the light of the crystal chandeliers. She was sucking lazily on a lollipop and beside her was an eager looking Ice Piq, its fez stuffed full of lollipops, its arm outstretched with a replacement. In the floor in front of her, rotating slowly, were three large lollipops. In each one the spiralling blue and white stripes disappeared into a tiny black hole at the very centre, and there were frosted white numbers on the surface of each one.

“Jump into the lollipop which to the nearest hundred is one hundred,” said the Lollipop Queen, in a regal voice. “Choose correctly, and you will be able to breathe the liquid inside. Choose incorrectly, and you will be sucked into a vacuum where no breathing will be possible at all.”




They were in a vast, cold minty lake. It was like they had jumped into an ocean of chilled mouth wash. Breathing the liquid was extremely weird, but goggles had appeared on their eyes, allowing them to see. Several mermaids appeared and paused in front of them, their swishing tails creating a storm of bubbles.

“I am surrounded by 200 bubbles, to the nearest 100. What is the greatest number of bubbles I could be surrounded by?” asked the chief mermaid. "Which of my sisters is telling the truth?”




The water disappeared and Ronnie and Numberella found themselves back on the snowy street, struggling to breathe. “I don’t know about you Numbers,” said Ronnie, coughing up the blue liquid from his lungs, “but I rather preferred the red and gold street.” “How do we get out of this one is what I’m more worried about,” said Numberella. A passing angel dropped a scroll. “OUCH!” shouted Ronnie, as it hit him hard on the head. Numberella read:




The Lollipop Queen is served by Ice Angels. 50 angels rounded to the nearest ten prefer spearmint Gubble Bumm. 20 angels rounded to the nearest 10 prefer freshmint Gubble Bumm. What is the maximum number of Ice angels the Lollipop queen has?





Click on the star to reveal your second number - you will need all the numbers at the end to open the final lock

Ronnie Resist

Click on Ronnie to progress




whilst you are waiting, have a think about your answer

Mission 3 - the Unicorn

“I am soo glad to be out of the blue world,” said Numberella, rubbing her back after another hard landing. “Green arch?” she said. “Look, it’s a unicorn!” “I wonder what delights lie in store there,” said Ronnie, sardonically. Gravel crunching under their feet, they approached the green arch. The rich smell of the forest leapt out at them, a musky, damp, leafy smell overlaid with an air so fresh it was intoxicating. The unicorn saw them and reared, wheeling its diamond studded hooves and neighing mightily, so that the startled robins rushed away and the little squirrels scarpered. With a final wheel of its hooves, the unicorn bolted down the path, kicking up puffs of dust that hung in the still air. “Huh,” said Ronnie. “I guess we’re meant to follow it.” “She's not an IT, Ronnie, she's a she!” said Numberella excitedly. “A unicorn can never be an it.”

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“Whatever,” said Ronnie, dismissively. “Probably is a she, though. Did you see those diamond studded hooves?” They walked down the path in the shade of the trees for a long time. The little red breasted birds fluttered along with them, tweeting merrily, and every now and again a rustle in the bushes told them that at least one squirrel was also keeping them company. It was a beautiful walk, but after a while they started to feel like they were in a loop, although they couldn’t recognise any particular feature repeating. Then, out of nowhere, appeared the unicorn, white as snow with a beautiful pearl horn projecting from its forehead. “Hello,” said Numberella. “Can you help us? We are stuck in this forest.” “I may be able to help you,” said the unicorn.

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“But this is no ordinary forest. It is called the Endless Forest of Ceredigion and is the home of Sir Dai Syd-Ewell, the famous knight. The only way to leave the forest is to ride on the back of one of the unicorns who live here."“Please may we ride on your back,” asked Numberella, beside herself with excitement. The unicorn snorted and pawed the ground a little with her front hoof. Her large horn swung menacingly. Ronnie took a small step back. “Very few humans have ridden the back of a unicorn of the Endless Forest. Sir Dai Syd-Ewell does not usually permit anyone except himself to do so. However, as you are stranded travellers, you may ride if you are able to answer four extremely difficult questions."“Please ask us the questions," said Numberella breathlessly.

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-MISSION 3- the Unicorn

Numberella and Ronnie discover a beautiful unicorn at the entrance to the third arch. The unicorn runs away, and ronnie and numberella follow her into the forest.

Click the unicorn to continue

The unicorn looked down at Numberella and Ronnie, and in a very serious tone said: "It is 70km from here to the secret path that leads out of the endless forest. How many metres is that?"




"Well done. Now for the next one.From the ground to my back is 4 feet. How many inches is that?"




"Excellent! Sir dai will be impressed.In the forest there are many beautiful rivers. When I drink, I usually drink 5 litres of water. How many millilitres is that?"




"Well done. If you get this one right we can ride together! But take care, as if you are wrong, you will never see me, or any other unicorn, again. And you will wander forever in the Endless Forest.I weigh 650kg. How many grams is this?"




The unicorn knelt a little bit and Ronnie and Numberella climbed onto her back. “Sorry, but what is your name?” asked Numberella. “My name is Persephone,” said the unicorn, and with a flick of her main, she began to trot, then canter, then gallop. She was so light on her feet that Ronnie and Numberella felt like they were flying. The sweet forest air rushed past, and the trees became a blur of green and brown. After a while Persephone began to sweat, and a smell like a thousand roses filled their nostrils. Numberella buried her face in Persephone’s mane, and gently hugged her neck. For a while, she lost track of time. She felt that she, Natasha Numberella, was Persephone, that the elegant speed and unstoppable power were hers. Without warning, the trees stopped, and Persephone was running freely on an open plane. Faster and faster she galloped, until they had to close their eyes against the wind. And then she suddenly stopped. Numberella and Ronnie were thrown forward, high into the air, spiralling like catherine wheels into nothingness.

Page 1/1





Click on the star to reveal your third number - you will need all the numbers at the end to return to your normal size.


Click on Persephone to progress



whilst you are waiting, have a think about your answer


Mission 4 - Santa Claus

“Arg,” grunted Ronnie. “I landed on exactly the same place on my back as I did last time.” “Ouch,” said Numberella. “Me too. Do you think this whole thing is a devious way for Schmidt to inflict pain on us? Making it look like an accident but actually she just wants to beat us up?” “Probably,” said Ronnie, blackly. “We’ll get even with her eventually though Numbers, or my name’s not Ronnie Resist.” “So – the final world,” said Numberella. “Shall we?” They entered the arch, which was pure white. Beyond there was a vast and empty landscape, dotted with pines, their branches heavy with snow. Stars were twinkling in a massive sky, bright like the sun, sparkling irresistibly. Never had winter night looked so perfect.“Breathtaking,” said Numberella. Even Ronnie, not often moved by a view, was impressed. “Unbelievable,” he said.

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“Hello hello hello, what have we here?” came a rich throaty voice. They turned round and behind them was a short man with rosy cheeks, a white beard, black boots, a red and white coat and a big friendly smile. Behind him was a large sled, complete with eight beautiful reindeer who pawed the ground and made snuffling noises. “Santa Claus?” said Numberella. “The very same,” said Santa Claus. “What brings you to the 216th floor of the Hexagon?” said Ronnie, sarcastically. “But this is not the 216th floor of the Hexagon,” said Santa Claus. “This is Lapland, and I am here to return you to your world, but …” He was cut short by the distant sound of beautiful music, the notes of an electric guitar soaring through the night, getting louder and louder."What music is this?" asked Ronnie, in wonder. "It's a song about Christmas," said Santa Claus.

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“To ride my sleigh with me, and return to your world and your normal size, you must listen very carefully to this song. You will be asked four questions relating to it. Answer them correctly, and you will have the ride of your lifetime in my sleigh. If you answer incorrectly, you will be marooned here until Easter, when the Easter bunny will, I believe, give you another chance to get back to Probabilium.” When Santa had finished speaking, the words of the song began to drift through the night air."Sorry Santa, I don't mean to be rude but how can this..." began Ronnie. "Oh shut up Ronnie," said Numberella. "Let's just listen to the song and answer the questions."

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MISSION 4 - Santa Claus

Santa advises Numberella and Ronnie to listen carefully to A Christmas song, before answering his questions about it.

"the little girl wakes up on Christmas day. Which of the following times might she have woken up at?"

7 p.m.


7 a.m.

What does the little girl see when she opens her eyes?

Fields All Covered In Snow

Robin Red-Breasts

Persephone the unicorn

How many times is the word 'Light' repeated in the chorus?

12 divided by 3

12 divided by 2

12 divided by 4

What does the little girl build in the snow when she goes outside?

A lego Baby Jesus

A tree House

A snowman

"What does the little girl think about christmas Day?"

It's just a bit 'Meh'

It's the worst day of her life

It's the best day of her life

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"Well done!" cried Santa, clapping Numberella and Ronnie on the back and grinning broadly. "I knew you'd make it! Now let the fun begin! First, I have two presents for you." He handed them both a large, flat box. "Can we open them!" said Numberella and Ronnie together. "Certainly you can!" cried Santa. They tore off the paper and inside, marked 'Top Secret' was a box. Numberella opened hers carefully, whilst Ronnie ripped his open. "By the rings of Saturn!" said Ronnie. "Is this some kind of trick?" In his hands was one of the top secret hover boards, the type which didn't need a magpipe to fly - an E.C.S. (Earth Core Stimulated) Hover Board, exactly like the ones he and Numberella had 'borrowed' and got into trouble for. "Does Agent Schmidt know about this?" asked Ronnie. "Read the card," said Santa, "But first, get in the sleigh. If you're to be back in Probabilium before the ANT Emporium closes, we need to hurry." They jumped in. Santa shouted: "Go Prancer, Go Vixen, Go Donner, Go Blitzen" and with a rush the sleigh soared into the sky, Santa whooping wildly as it did so. Ronnie and Numberella opened their cards. Inside was a small black velvet bag containing 3 jewels "Worth 1,500 Antcoins!" shouted Ronnie. There was also a brief note:

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You have done well. Happy Christmas. Agent Schmidt."Schmidt!" shouted Ronnie. "I love you Agent Schmidt! Wherever you are! Thankyou! Happy Christmas Agent Schmidt! I'm sorry I called you rude names!"Numberella smiled. Santa turned round to them and shouted, "Right, time for you to try out your new boards. On the count of three, jump out of the sled, and ride your boards. Once you hit terminal velocity, you will trigger the Enlarger. "One, two, three, JUMP!" shouted Ronnie and Numberella, and they leapt out of Santa's sled into the dark and starry night. NUMBERELLA WILL ADVENTURE AGAIN!





Click on the star to reveal your fourth number - you will need all the numbers at the end to open the final lock and to claim your certificate and Deter Code!

Numberella & Ronnie

Click on Numberellaor Ronnie to proceed



whilst you are waiting, have a think about your answer


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Team Credits

Story & narration:A.F.L. Newberry

Numbers: Grant Whitaker


Special thanks to Square Pixel Digital Design Studio for the image work on this adventure. Click to visit their website: squarepixel.co.za




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