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Welcome to Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. It isn't a big city and its population is about 500,000.It's an ancient city and it's very popular with tourists. The Scottish flag is blue and white. It's called the Saltire or St Andrew's Cross.The patron saint of Scotland is St Andrew.



Among the monuments of Edinburgh there is

  • Calton Hill
Calton hill is a mix of busy commercial areas and quiet residential al streets.
  • Edimburgh castel
Edinburgh castle is a castle dating back to at least the 7th century that stands on top a hill overlooking the city of edinburgh

  • Scott monument The Scott Monument is a Victorian Gothic monument to the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. It is the second largest monument to a writer in the world.
  • Holyrood palace
Holyrood palace founded as a monastery by David i of Scotland in 1128,it was used as principal residence of the rulers of Scotland.
  • St Giles Cathedral
St Giles Cathedral is the principal place of Worship of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh, located in the center of the Royal Mile.

While doing this research on Edinburgh, I was struck by Edinburgh Castle. because looking at the images takes me back to the past of those times. I am a knight who lives and fights to defend it.

Edinburgh Castle

I would like to visit the whole city of Edinburgh on a panoramic tour. then stop at Edinburgh Castle.

my wishes