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Unit 3Lesson 4

Human Geography

  1. Chromebook
  2. Notebook
  3. Something to write with

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  • Attendance
  • BibleVerse
  • Prayer
  • Industrial Revolution Impact
  • Check for understanding
  • Push & Pull Factors


Today is:

Colossians 4:2

Educatingtomorrow's leaders for Christ

World Geography

What do you think???Did the Industrial Revolution of the 1700-1800s impact the population patterns in 2023? Explain your reasoning.

Did the Industrial Revolution have a positive or negative impact on society? Explain.

Population Factors

Culture and Population Patterns

Give one example of an urban area and one example of a rural area.

What are the causes and effects of human migration?

Why do more people live in some parts of the world than in others?

How is population density calculated?

Questions to consider...

Push Factors Pull Factors

Watch in Flocabulary. Refugee Crisis Still Occurring. Username: sherbacoff5251 Password: orange3096

This paragraph is ready to hold stunning creativity, experiences and stories.

Refugee Crisis

Watch the video and prepare to answer these questions. 1. Why might a refugee move to a new area? 2. How might this lead to culture shock?


Read Genesis 11:1-9

Does God cause people to move? 1. Think of examples from scripture that God played a role in moving? 2. Should we listen when God leads us? 3. Does God use Push or Pull Factors? Explain.


Make sure to look back and reference your 20 Culture Questions Handout to help you write your letter!

Click here to start your letter. Copy this form and then upload to MyCCA when complete.

Pretend that your family has offered to accept a foreign exchange student to come and live with you for 3 months. They have written and asked if you would write them 600 words (minimum) describing your culture before they arrive! Make a copy of this document and begin. Remember, you can use your responses in the google form to help you.

Culture Project: Step 3 of 4

  1. Make a copy of the Exchange Letter template!
    1. How to make a copy:
      1. Once you click into the Google Doc you click "File" on the top left corner
      2. Next, you scroll 4 options down and click "Make a Copy"
      3. Now, you title your letter! You will use your First and Last Name in your title. (It will look like Jane Doe Exchange Letter: 2021 ) Make sure to get rid of the "Copy of"

Quick Tips on How to Get Started with your Letter!

  1. Now that you know how to make a copy of the letter...
  2. Begin your letter! Keep the template the same and start your letter where it says insert text here.
  3. Make sure your paragraphs are at least 5-7 sentences!
  4. The last sentence in your first paragraph should be your thesis statement. This is where you are going to tell Jojo what you are writing to him about!
  5. Lastly, have fun with it and truly share all the things that make up YOUR culture!

Quick Tips on How to Get Started with your Letter!

1. Is your letter 600 words? Are there 5-7 sentences per paragraph?2. Is your letter engaging? 3. Have you checked your grammar to make sure that it is free of errors? No squiggly lines under any words or phrases?4. Have you checked your spelling to make sure that it is free of errors?No squiggly lines under any words?5. Have you reworded everything into your own words to prevent plagiarism? 6. Did your letter have a nice flow (beginning introduction that was greeting your audience, body paragraphs, and a friendly closing)? If you said yes to all six of these points, you are prepared. This letter and the Flipgrid video will form your project test grade. Final written paper to Jo-Jo is due 09/09 Friday night by 11:59 pm

Guidelines for Your Letter to Jo-Jo

Culture Project: Step 3 of 4