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Boosting Productivity

With a potentially exciting new tool bonus


Find a new tool or system to sort everything out
Sleep enough...but get up early!
Do quick tasks immediately
Focus on your biggest tasks first
Stop multi-tasking
Tune out distractions
Eat healthily
Drink lots of water
Take regular short breaks
Make a to-do list

Why this topic?

  • Procrastinator extraordinaire
  • Inspired by Dan Shipper's TED talk The unexpected key to boosting your productivity

‘Ever wished you could stop procrastinating and just be as efficient as a machine? Since you're a human, that's not going to happen -- but that's OK'

- Dan Shipper, CEO and co-founder of Every, a daily newsletter on business, AI and personal development


Of what's going on - without judgment.

Clear your own way

To getting more done


When there's a problem with your productivity - need to overcome ignoring it.


With systems or teams, mindsets or tools.

Microsoft Power Apps

  • Low-code app-building
  • Uses templates and building blocks
  • Can link to hundreds of different data sources, including SharePoint, SQL, Teams, Box
  • Power Automate (formerly: Flow) - automated tasks; approval workflows

Power Apps overview

QUESTIONCan you think how current manual processes could be mapped to include more automation?