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what are the predictions when it comes to the future trends of plastic surgery

The future of plastic surgery

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Plastic surgery experienced a decline in popularity during 2020.

True or False?

The plastic surgery industry saw a decrease in the number of patients after pandemic restrictions were lifted.

True or False?

Plastic surgery procedures for purely cosmetic purposes became more common in the 1960s.

True or False?

Botox was originally developed to treat wrinkles.

True or False?

bounce back

Your idiom for today

Your phrasal verbs for today

take a turn

speak out

Your phrasal verbs for today

Your phrasal verbs for today

come up with


uptick in

medical treatment


blood transfusions

new realms

pandemic restrictions



disposable income


come to a halt

elective surgery







breast augmentation

injectables and filLers

noninvasive type procedures

around the globe

silicone breast implants

moratorium on



dismantle the stigma


day to day affAirs


bolster confidence


injection areas


crossed eyes

enhance appearance


emphasis on wellness

coincided with



rejection of





pulmonary embolism



hefty investment


the vast majority of

eyelid surgery



More useful phrases for today


How has pop culture and social media influenced people's perception of cosmetic enhancements?

Let's check what you remember

What challenges did the plastic surgery industry face during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how did it bounce back?

Let's check what you remember

What are some common cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S.?

Let's check what you remember

Were you surosised with any of the statistics rates presented on the previous page?What kind of procedures would you like to have done once?

How has pop culture and social media influenced people's perception of cosmetic enhancements?

Let's check what you remember

Why do some individuals still perceive plastic surgery as taboo or unnecessary?

Let's check what you remember

How has the "Zoom effect" impacted the demand for above-the-shoulder cosmetic procedures?

Let's check what you remember

What are some factors that have contributed to the plastic surgery boom, and do you think it will continue in the future? Why or why not?

Let's check what you remember

Fill in the gaps with the vocabulary which we have lEARNT:

Let's sum up what you remember

1. Plastic surgery has been __________ in the past decade, with many people embracing cosmetic enhancements.

Let's sum up what you remember

2. The plastic surgery industry __________ strong after the temporary halt in elective surgeries during the pandemic.

Let's sum up what you remember

3. Advances in medicine allowed doctors to __________ with new surgical techniques.4. The stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures is slowly __________ as they become more popular and accepted.

Let's sum up what you remember

5. __________ surgeries can lead to complications, so it's important to choose skilled surgeons. 6. The average cost of breast augmentation is quite __________, but many patients are satisfied with the results.

Let's sum up what you remember

7. Many people turned to __________ surgery during the pandemic, focusing on their facial features during video calls.

Let's sum up what you remember

8. The future of plastic surgery seems promising, with __________ procedures becoming more advanced and accessible.

Let's sum up what you remember

How do you feel about the increasing popularity of cosmetic procedures in society? Do you think it's a positive trend, or are there potential negative consequences?

Let's discuss...

The video mentioned the importance of maintaining one's ethnic identity in cosmetic procedures. What are your thoughts on this approach? Do you believe it's essential for people to maintain their cultural features, or do you think it's okay to make more significant changes to their appearance if it makes them happy?

Let's discuss the following...

Thank you!

poprawić wygląd skrzyżowane oczy zmarszczki obszary iniekcji zrekonstruować wzmocnić pewność siebie męskiwyprzedzaćcodzienne sprawyzlikwidować piętno pośród sensacji debata na silikonowe implanty piersi na całym świecie nieinwazyjne procedury typu zastrzyki i wypełniacze powiększanie piersi

enhance appearancecrossed eyeswrinklesinjection areasreconstruct bolster confidence virileday to day affairsoutpacedismantle the stigma amid sensationalized moratorium on silicone breast implants around the globe noninvasive type procedures injectables and fillers breast augmentation

boom dekada wpływ przejrzysty wzmocnienie zanurzenie chirurgia elektywna zatrzymać się stłumiony dochód do dyspozycji nieunikniony przestój ograniczenia związane z pandemią nowe królestwa transfuzje krwi znieczulenie leczenie medyczne wzrost w

boom decade influence transparent enhancement dip elective surgery come to a halt pent-up disposable income inevitable downtime pandemic restrictions new realms blood transfusions anesthesia medical treatment uptick in

to come up with - to suggest or think of an idea or plan: He came up with a great idea for the ad campaign.

5. cosmetics6. expensive/pricey (or any other appropriate word)

2. bounced back

The plastic surgery industry faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, including hospital closures, staff layoffs, and a halt in elective surgeries. However, it bounced back strongly due to a pent-up demand for cosmetic procedures and increased disposable income.

Common cosmetic procedures in the U.S. include breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and Botox injections for non-surgical treatments.



"Bounce back" is an idiomatic expression that means to recover or return to a positive state or level after experiencing a setback or decline. In the context of the listening material, when it mentions that the plastic surgery industry "bounced back strong" after the moratorium on elective surgeries ended, it means that the industry experienced a rapid and strong recovery, and the demand for cosmetic procedures increased again after a period of decline or stagnation.


To change in condition or quality, especially quickly or suddenly. We should get over to the hospital now—things have taken a turn, and Uncle Jim probably won't make it through the day. I know you had a miserable start to your day, but I bet it takes a turn before day's end—things are never bad forever.

layoff-an occasion when a company stops employing someone, sometimes temporarily, because the company does not have enough money or enough work: The recent economic crisis has led to massive layoffs.

PTO stands for "Paid Time Off." It refers to the time off from work that employees are entitled to receive with pay.

The "Zoom effect" refers to the increased interest in above-the-shoulder cosmetic procedures, such as facial, nasal, and eyelid surgeries, driven by the focus on facial features during video calls.

Some individuals still perceive plastic surgery as unnecessary or associated with insecurity, as altering one's appearance can be seen as rejecting one's identity.

Social media has made cosmetic procedures more acceptable as people see themselves in photographs on platforms like Instagram and can use filters to visualize potential changes to their appearance.

Pop culture and social media have influenced people to be more open and proud about cosmetic enhancements, leading to a boom in the plastic surgery industry.

liposukcja chirurgia powiek zdecydowana większość ekstatyczny spora inwestycja nieudany komplikacje zatorowość płucna notoryczny tabu niepewność tożsamość odrzucenie subtelny dyskretny zbiegło się z naciskiem na dobre samopoczucie ogromnie

liposuction eyelid surgerythe vast majority of ecstatic hefty investmentbotchedcomplicationspulmonary embolism notorioustabooinsecurityidentityrejection of subtlediscreetcoincided with emphasis on wellnesstremendously



to give your opinion about something in public, especially on a subject that you have strong feelings aboutLady Gaga decided to speak out against plastic surgery.

3. innovate/experiment (any answer that suits)4. changing


The plastic surgery boom is expected to continue due to factors like increased work-from-home policies, convenience in accessing procedures through virtual consultations, and the growing acceptance of cosmetic treatments. The industry is adapting to meet the changing demands and preferences of patients. .

1. booming


8. cosmetic


7. above-the-shoulder

Common cosmetic procedures in the U.S. include breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and Botox injections for non-surgical treatments.