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Phonics: /ch/ and /tchVocabulary: desert, cactus, sand duneGrammar: Comparatives

Our Earth Lesson 3

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Lesson 3

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What are deserts?

Deserts are fascinating places with unique landscapes and extreme weather conditions. Let's learn about hot and cold deserts!


Hot deserts are hot and dry. They receive very little rainfall throughout the year. The ground is often covered in sand dunes, shaped by the constant movement of the wind. Cacti, with their sharp spines, are well-adapted to the desert's harsh conditions. These hot deserts can be found in regions like the Sahara in Africa and the Arabian Desert in the Middle East.

Hot Deserts

Cold deserts, on the other hand, have a different set of challenges. They are known for their freezing temperatures. Snow and ice cover the ground, . Cold deserts can be found in regions like Antarctica and parts of Central Asia.

Cold Deserts

Snow and ice

Sand dunes

Very Cold

Very hot

Very litte rainfall



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Alice is taller than Emma. Alice is the tallest in the class.

Comparatives adn used to compare two or more things.


Cheetahs are faster than turtles.
Lakes are smaller than rivers.
Mountains are taller than hills.
Jim is shorter than his dad.
Jim / short / dad.Mountain / tall / hill. Lake / small / river.Cheetah / fast / turtle.

Comparatives (-er)

Which desert is the biggest?What desert is bigger than the Arctic?What desert is smaller than the arctic?

1. Antarctica2. The Arctic Desert3. The Saraha Desert



Write about your class/family/friends using comparatives.


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Let's Go

ReadingA Desert Race

In a scorching desert, two friends, Max and Lily, decided to have a race. They wanted to see who could reach the oasis first. They wanted to see who was the fastest.

With the sound of the whistle, they sprinted across the hot sand. Max took an early lead, running faster than ever. Lily, pushed herself harder to catch up.As they ran, Max skillfully avoided a cactus. Lilyleaped over it with ease. They continued their race through the heat.

Approaching the final stretch, Max saw Lily catching up. They raced side by side, giving it their all. In an exciting finish, they crossed the line together.Both exhausted, Max smiled at Lily and said, "You're just as fast as me!" Lily grinned, replying, "We make a great team!"

Key words: desert, fast, cactus

Talk about the story.

Give one word with /tch/ and one word with /ch/.



Difficult or not pleasant.

Would you rather visit a hot or cold desert?

What is the difference between a hot and cold desert?

Who is the oldest in this class?

What is a desert?

Sand Dune

Use -er to make a comparative sentence.

What plant might you find in a hot desert?