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You enjoy a family day at the beach and everyone is relaxed and happy. Move forward 3 spaces.

Your house is cold as you cannot afford heat, you wear a hat and jacket to sleep. Move back 3 spaces.

Your mom has a new job and is much happier, she has even bought you new clothes. Move forwards 3 spaces.

Dad gets a bonus and brings home the extra goodies for Christmas. Move forward 3 spaces.

Your rent has just gone up so you move in with your grandparents. Move back 3 spaces.

Dad is doing really well at work, your fridge is fully stocked with not just any food, M and S food. Move forward 5 spaces.

Your sister wins the highest trophy at prize giving, you all hit TGI's to celebrate. Move forward 4 spaces.

You had to choose between food and heat or light. Move back 1 space.

Your 1997 plate vauxhall corsa finally packed up and now you walk in the rain as you have no money for bus fare. Move back 1 space.

You lose your job and your home and have found a sofa in a squat to live on. Move back 5 spaces.

You are off to a mediocre start in a pandemic, take furlough and move forwards in your current position only slightly and not as far as the next space.

It is 2020, Marcus Rashford does you a solid and sorts you some meals. Move forwards 4 spaces.

Things are looking up a tax rebate comes in unexpectedly. Move forwards 4 spaces.

You remember you are a Newman University student and reach out to your lecturer for help. Move forwards 10 spaces.

You finally get an educational, mental or physical health care plan to support your child in their learning. Move forwards 4 spaces.