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Good Morning Everyone! Hope you are well and had a fab weekend! Today we have a time and attendance launch call for all PAC sites. This is an important call so please ensure you attend. We will also be joined by the respective I.T. and HR Sponsors. Below you can find links to all of the relevant content please read through this. You can also find the link to the call itself. As per email sent out on Friday, ensure all your team have signed up for Time and Attendance. Guides can be found below. Below you can also find the deck that was shared by Jo for FOH Flair. Remember you can send all your ideas and feedback to her directly on: Jo.Vaughton@pizzaexpress.com!We hope to have the collection on deliverect trial back up and running early this week. Once we have a confirmed date I will email you all with an update. Have a great Monday, Thanks Emily

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FOH Flair Moments

Time and Attendance

Team Time and Attendance Log ins

Time and Attendance

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