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Link to Live Product https://view.genial.ly/6397394201435c0019b94937

Career Pathways

A digital solution



The Initial Aim/Bid:

  • To provide a variety of career pathways from entering a role as a first-time starter e.g. an apprentice at level 2 to progressing into senior positions.
  • These pathways will cover clinical and non -clinical roles across health & care.
  • They will illustrate use of apprenticeships to support career progression and show diversification ( how you could move from a clinical role to be a manager /educationalist etc)

CSR / Widening Participation

Development / Retention

Attraction/ Recruitment

Our Aims

Our aims for this project were to include:

Highlight entry routes, through different educational levels

To support our colleagues development.

To support external Careers Advisors/Schools

Create / Curate Video Interviews to demonstrate lesser known areas.

Allows colleagues to view alternative roles that suit their educational level,

To support Local Authorities, understanding our workforce for the unemployed

Our Scope

Understanding how it's been done previously, we can outline our scope and commitments for this project:

A Single Point Digital Platform to host all Pathways

Seemless User Interactivity

To provide a full picture:

  • Job Description
  • Entry Requirements
  • Apprenticeship Support
  • Other training activities
  • Progression opportunities

Access anywhere?HOST anywhere!SHARE anywhere!

User analyticsTracks traffic, which can influence our priority areas

It’s ordered, hierarchical, and structured

Our Digital Solution

Can be hosted on Intranets, External Websites, Learning Management Systems* and be shared via email

Variable User Tracking, to fit our needs

Allows for total collaboration across the region

Access from any device

Accessibility Compliant with Screen Readers

Link to Live Product https://view.genial.ly/6397394201435c0019b94937

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