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Presentation by: Joseph, Chelsea,Mishael, Beulah, Joshua, Britney, Fahat and Richard

Cost of living crisis

Exit and questions


Impact on interning firms


Things companies do to ensure growth


Advantages and Disadvantages





Contributing Factors- Ukrainian War- Brexit- COVID-19
What does it mean?


Cost of living Crisis

  • Increased interest rates
  • Infant industries may see higher demand (Aldi and Lidl)
  • Gas and electricity firms receive an increase in profit (Shell)



pros and cons

  • Higher costs for firms
  • Higher prices for consumers
  • Fall in sales for luxury organisations

Promote hybrid working- People working from home will allow companies to cut down on rent and energy costs which allows money to be used elsewhere.Buying suppliers and manufacturers-This would cut down cost for goods or materials that would have been more expensive elsewhere

Research and development - keeping up with and investing into technological advancements will improve productive efficiency.Product and Service Diversification - diversifying into other products and services will increase the revenue streams, generating more revenue

Companies' Actions to Ensure Growth

Trading becomes more risky - FARHAT - trading -cost of living means people need to spend more time watching the market and doing analysis before decisions can be made - trading has become more risky - some trades require a larger capital base so people can't take advantage of these strategies- can't risk finances for trading with cost of living - have to save for other things

Reasl estate frims:The cost of livng crises reduces disposable income and thus reduces the number of potential buyers in the market - intereferes with supply and demandCost of living crisis is almost always preciptated by high inflation rates meaning gigher mortgage rates, which may put people off buying Real estate firms such as Cushman & wakefield would have to revaluate their target audience in order to minimise loss Also a good opporyunity to engage in corportae social responsibilty l

Impacts:Consulting frims: The cost of living crisis can lead to increased competition among consultant firms as businesses may be more likely to shop around for the best deal.Another potential impact of the cost of living crisis on consultant firms is that it may lead to increased pressure to deliver results quickly and efficiently, as businesses may be less willing to invest in long-term projects or initiatives that do not show immediate returns.

Their Solutions:Chelsea: Additionwlly, consultant firms may need to adjust their pricing strategies in order to remain competitive in a market with lower demand for services.This could require consultant firms to adapt their strategies and methodologies in order to deliver value more quickly and effectively.

Impact on Interning Firms and Their Solutions


Cost of living is the average amount of money people need to cover basic things, like food, housing and clothing.

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