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It was an amazing and gratificant experience becoming part of this project. In general, this project made me grow intellectually with the cooperation of other participants. Regarding the practice of my English skills and also by new topics of History that I have learnt. By participating in this project I was able to work as a team with colleagues (from my school and from other’s) which was also a good point for my personal development. I’m happy with the final result of this project by the end of the school year. It was an honour to be a member, and I’m looking forward to do it again next year.

Hello everyone, I really enjoyed participating in this project, it opened new horizons for new stories and cultures. It is a project that has interactive and essential works for a better understanding. The members of the project were hardworking and proactive on the development of the project. I hope to be part of it again next year!

Bárbara Maria

Ana Diegas

This project allowed me to know and communicate with other participants in different ways. With the activities made in this school project we could possibly win a quality label. I enjoyed participating in this project and I hope that next year I'm participating again.

This collaborative approach to learning has not only improved my academic performance but also enriched my social and interpersonal skills.

This cultural exchange has broadened my horizons and taught me the importance of empathy, open-mindedness, and respect for diversity. This project has taught me the value of teamwork and collaboration. By working together with students and teachers from different countries, I have learned how to communicate effectively, share ideas, and solve problems collectively.

As an eTwinning student, I am part of a vast community of learners and educators from across Europe who come together to collaborate, innovate, and share knowledge. This unique platform has transformed my educational journey, opening the doors to new cultures, ideas, and ways of learning that have enriched my perspective and honed my skills. One of the most exciting aspects of being an eTwinning student is the opportunity to learn about and engage with different cultures. Through various projects and activities, I have had the chance to collaborate with my peers from various countries, discovering their traditions, languages, and ways of thinking.

Beatriz Vilela

Beatriz Pereira

Hello everyone! I enjoyed participating in this project where you can learn new stories and interact with other cultures and people from various countries. I would like to participate in the project next year.

I really enjoyed being part of the project "Pieces of History". From my point of view it is a way of connecting countries and their schools. I hope to participate in the next project.

Francisca Ribeiro

Diana Pardal

many, but only those who have access to history and can make use of it will be completely happy.

History teaches us a lot, be it about our origins, be it about our religion and the atrocities committed by it, unknown to

All courses should have a history course, because those who don't know history have a certain difficulty in understanding their identity, because they don't have such a pragmatic and precise vision of the world and the past.

In my opinion I think the project was something very innovative and enriching, because it allowed us to know more deeply about several themes and events from different historical periods. The knowledge of History is extremely essential, because it is everything that surrounds us and helps us to have a more comprehensive perception of the past, the development of the world, the species, and even the present we live in. With History we get an insight of all the areas that exist on the earth's surface, from the evolution of cartography, the time of the discoveries, to the technology used by everyone.

This project made me grow intellectually and helped me a lot to understand more about the world and national history. I really enjoyed being part of this project!

Inês Muro

Inês Barros

By participating in this project, I was able to develop communication with other participants, thus having a great collaboration among all of them. The opportunity to exchange ideas with other people and interact with them in different ways made this a very positive and enriching experience. All the activities performed had an impact on the final result of the project and for it to get a quality label, demonstrating professionalism from the beginning by the whole team, ensuring that our experience was unique. I really enjoyed participating in this project and hope to do it again next year.

Patrick Pestana