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Good Morning Everyone!Hope you all had a fab weekend!Short update this week as you are all super busy with territory meetings and preparing to launch FLAIR to your teams! This week we launch our new Calabrese and Nduja sausage alternative. All information and links to launch calls can be found below. As always please complete your manager day in the life This week I want to introduce you to Manchester - King Street team! Click on the right to see a message from Ian and his Team!Have a great week all! Emily

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Nduja and Calabrese Sausage

Day in the Life

Nduja and Calabrese Sausage

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Hello from Ian and Team Manchester King Street! With over 120 years of PizzaExpress experience combined this small team prides itself in leading the way. Currently rated 1st out of over 2000 restaurants in city centre Manchester on Trip Advisor for places to enjoy Dinner,- it’s a place where regulars and first timers really rate the service and food we are proud to serve. The ‘King’s & Queen’s of Manchester’ are excited to join the prestigious ranks of the restaurants in the PACS team and hope to help drive our company forward.