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Speaker: Melany Martins

Environment can be defined as a set of physical, chemical and biological factors that allows life in its most diverse forms. All people have the right to a balanced environment, so its preservation is essential.

It is essential that we protect the environment, because our lives depend on it:

  • Do not waste water. ...
  • Save energy. ...
  • Do not buy unnecessary products. ...
  • Separate the trash. ...
  • Do not throw garbage on the streets. ...
  • Walk further...
  • Repurpose. ...
  • Do not buy wild animals.

How to preserve the environment?

The environment is composed of four different spheres: atmosphere, lithosphere;

Hydrosphere and biosphere.

Preserving the environment is fundamental, after all, it is where the natural resources necessary for our survival are, such as water, food and raw materials. Without these resources, all forms of life on the planet could end.

what is your environmental contribution to a better world




What can happen if we don't protect our planet?Excessive waste production, contamination of ocean and river waters, air pollution, the greenhouse effect and climate change are just a few examples of the consequences of ongoing environmental degradation.

Some of the main environmental problems currently include: greenhouse effect, deforestation, water scarcity, pollution of seas and oceans, air pollution and soil degradation.

What are the environmental factors that influence the life of living beings?Are they:

  • Biotic factors: producers (plants and algae), consumers (herbivores and carnivores) and decomposers (fungi and bacteria).
  • Abiotic factors: water, light (light energy), heat (thermal energy) and nutrients (chemical substances).

with this work it is possible to help them in a participatory and creative way, so that they understand how much we are active subjects of our actions and that we have a fundamental role in the care of our planet.