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6. Supporters

5. Is it useful ?

4. Characteristics

3. Is it a social media ?

2. Does it exist ?

1. Who am i ?


My name is Matilde Simão, i am 16 years old, i`m from Lisbon and i had the idea of creating a platform online that helps the students at school with videos .

Who Am I ?

I think no, this is something i felt some difficulties, so i decided to create and make my life easier.

Does It Exist ?

No, it isn`t a social media.But in the future i pretend to do a site and make this project easier to acess.

Is It a social media ?

  • It´s very useful for students;
  • It´s easy to use;
  • Wide range of content;
  • Regular upgrades;
  • Direct acess without paying;


  • Global access: Online study video platforms provide schools with the ability to reach students worldwide.
  • Resource efficiency: Using an online platform saves costs on physical materials and eliminates transportation expenses, in this case the paper that we save.
  • Self-paced learning: Students can learn at their own speed, replaying content when they need.
  • Tracking and assessment: The platform allows for easy monitoring of student progress and personalized feedback, which is very important for the student.

Is it useful ?

At the moment, we don't have sponsors, but soon we will secure supporters to take this platform to an even higher level.


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