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the Planet- and-People- friendly brand!

Who are we?

We promote social inclusion and develop a true sense of belonging!

All our products are made by social partners (institutions, associations, social causes such as refugees from other countries) who are paid for their work. We promote their inclusion in society, encourage physical and cognitive skills and develop a sense of belonging.

Created in April/2020, based on the premises of the Circular Economy (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce), it reuses waste / leftovers / textile samples and creates functional products with a purpose: to change many small worlds, reducing the textile ecological footprint.

the Planet-and-People-friendly brand!

Our impact on People and the Planet!

Workshops, talks, conferences, knowledge sharing inschools, universities and organizations.

Pedagogy forChange

We reuse textile and paperleftovers and waste, from the production processes of the Portuguese textile industry.

Optimizing the usage of the Planet's resources

Of unique People within their diversity by recognized their value to society and making them feel partof an integrating project.

Promoting Social Inclusion

How do we do it?

We are just 28 months old and these are

Our KPIs

paid to our social partners who work with us


paid to our social partners who work with us


of reused fabrics from the Portuguese textile industry

5.3 tons

11cm x 20cm

32cm x 24cm

50cm x 46cm

re.store textile

Glasses/Cell Phone Bags

Ipad/Tablet Bags


50cm x 50cm

Beach bag

40cm x 40cm &50cm x 50cm

Shopping bag

Meet our products

9cm x 9cm

re.store textile

Meet our products

28cm x 22cm + 7cm

Padded Necessaire Bag

13cm x 20cm

Multiuse bag

30cm x 25cm

Felpo bag

Facial Cleansing Discs

10cm x 12cm

Soap & shampoobag

18cm x 18cm

30cm x 25cm

Beach Pillows

13cm x 20cm

Linen Bags

re.store textile

Meet our products

Door Hangers

70cm x 95cm


re.store solidarity collections

animais de rua


Shopping Bag

Virar a Página

Dried Flowers Bouquet

When buying these products in particular we also donate one part of theits value to the above mentioned associations (local, Portuguese)

Meet our products

Shopping Bag


Marlene Lima Bag

10cm x 15cm

Christmas cardsPlantable

re.store paper

Meet our products

75cm x 50cm


23cm x 33cm




10cm x 15cm


10cm x 15cm

10cm x 15cm

20cm x 13cm

28cm x 22cm + 7cm

15cm x 9cm

re.store Christmas

Plantable Christmas Cards

Pack of 20 Christmas Cards with Envelope

Bag for Mini-basket

Padded Necessaire Bag

Pack of 20 Christmas Decoratives

Our 2022 Christmas proposals

  • The fabric od every product is reused from leftovers / waste from the production processes of the Portuguese hometextiles industry
  • The brand label is woven with recycled polyester yarns.
  • The customized message is printed with a thermal sublimation technique with water ink, environmental friendly.
  • Shopping bag straps are woven with 100% organic cotton.
  • The concept paper label (customized) is PLANTABLE because it's made with cotton waste and plant seeds.

re.store textile products contribute to the Planet's sustainability because...

re.store textile

Why do they make a difference?

Products proudly made and stamped with love by the hands of young, motivated and truly unique people.Financially supports the CerciGui's project 'I9 com a Diferença'(Innovate with Difference)

  • Totally made from paper used in printing processes of the Portuguese textile industry.
  • GIves products that would otherwise be throns away, a new life and functional purpose.

re.store paper products contribute to the Planet's sustainability because....

re.store paper

Why do they make a difference?


corporate clientsand throughturnkey customized solutions

through ouronline storewww.restore.com.pt

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Some examples:

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We are more than



Our Tribe!

Who trust us and is helping us to help?

We want to change many small worlds, one at a time, every day!

Can we count on you to help us change many more small worlds?

What is our purpose?

Sílvia Correia Founder re.store

All products can be customized with a turnkey concept!

  • Awakens a collective conscience torwards the environmental and social vectors
  • Communicates the brand's social and environmental responsibility values
  • Reinforces corporate identity as an eco and socially responsible brand

Buying our productsto offer toyour stakeholders

  • As a gift to your employees on birthdays, commemorative dates, recognition events
  • To distribute as eco and socially responsible merchandising in different corporate events
  • It's fun
  • Stimulates different skills
  • Allows you to enhance relationships between team members
  • Fosters empathy
  • Makes it possible to repeat this action.
  • The resulting amount of this action will revert towards a social institution / cause previously chosen

suggestions of possible actions:

Buying our products

making-up our productsbecause:


What can we offer?

The graphic designer

The creative guy!

The idea creator!





Who is the Team?

The community manager!

"Each one's actions areone's essence!"

Padre António Vieira, in 'Sermões'






SÍLVIA CORREIA | re.store Founder



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Knowing is not enough, we must apply;Wanting is not enough, we must do!"