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Good Morning Everyone!Hope you all had a fab weekend! Short but sweet one this week as I have written this prior to going on AL so I am making an attempt to forecast the future.. Just call me mystic meg.In my absense, I would love to introduce you to our amazing new PAC site, Harrogate! Please join me in welcoming them to the wonderful PACs team. Headset trial finished on Sunday. Please ensure you submit your feedback via the link below. Please keep all equipment stored safely until further instruction.New content available for both the Oven Magnets & Vents trial along with the Nduja and Calabrese Trial. Please find links to all content below. Launch calls have been put into dairies for those of you participating.As mentioned I am back from tomorrow so will speak to most of you then.Have a great week all! Emily

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Headsets Fe ed back - Manager

Headsets Fe ed back - Team

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Oven Magnets & Vents

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Hello from Ewa and Team Harrogate! I joined PizzaExpress 16 years ago and never looked back. First, I started working as a food runner here in the Harrogate restaurant and then progressed on to the Shift Manager, DGM and GM position in different restaurants in the North Yorkshire area. 10 years later I came back to Harrogate where my journey first started, but this time as the GM. During my time with the company, I have been lucky enough to be part of the first PizzaExpress opening in Singapore and I’m also very proud to have spent time in Cambodia teaching English in the local school and raising nearly £5.000 for our then charity partner Macmillan. I’m incredibly grateful to have the support of few long-standing team members in Harrogate. Sarah our Front of House Trainer, who joined the same week as myself 16 years ago, Jan our back of house trainer who has been here for 12 years and most importantly my both DGM’s Brigitta and Matt. Their support has been imperative to the Harrogate success, and I couldn’t do it without them! My team has always been my number one priority in everything I do, and I believe Harrogate wouldn’t be where it is now without its people. Team Harrogate really is one big family with many team members living far away from their home countries and their own families, so the close relationships and the help we provide for one another is really important to me! I appreciate everyone that joined this Harrogate family so far and all their hard work. You can expect nothing less but brutally honest feedback from team Harrogate, that’s for sure 😊