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movie making

It all starts with an idea for a movie. like a sei,fei detective show, or a murdering ballerina. It's important to get creative.

It all starts with an idea

sarah long

consernd sister




bestfriend/side cick

goerge white

main charicture

the carictures

The main storyline isn't the same as dialogue; it's kind of like the blurb on the back of a book. it's just the events and storyline without dialogue.

then main story line

This is when you plan out the story shot by shot. Usually the dialogue follows closely with the storyboarding. I find this is really where the story unfolds. don;t worry too much whether it looks good and focus on getting the ideas down. This will be very important later on in the process of movie making.

story bordeing

when writing dialogue you have to make sure you keep on referencing back to the storyboard. and don't forget to add stage directions it will make life easier for your actors and it can help them to see your vision


colour theory is extremely important when talking about set/costume design. The storyboard is important to reference when working on this and ask the director about the ideas. chick in white actors to see if the set/costumes will work for them. It can help if the actors run lines in the set to get a real idea what works and what doesn't.

Costume/set desine

actors pespective

directors porspective

Really try and get into the mindset of the caricature. The emotion and reactions of the caricatures are important to focus on. when reading out lines make sure you aren't waiting on the other person to say their line it can make the scene feel fake. and have fun with it.

Make sure you properly direct your actors so they can really make it as best as they can if there's any time to get niticky about small details it's now. if you feel as though something is wrong it probably is trust your instinct.


Having the storyline/script and the storyboard with you is very useful. don't be afraid to ask the director if you are unsure of anything. don't forget to play it back to make sure it looks good. and last but not least, trust your own opinion.