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L. BENGANA - Collège Pierre Puget, Marseille

take the busto go to school

LET's follow collin to school

this is collin

high school

enter the building

welcome to

did you say 'high school'?

let's have a look at the notice board

What's inside a locker?

Why not enter a classroom?

What are they doinG?

Now recite the pledge of allegiance

allegiance to the flag?

let's go there!

Say hi to mike, our precious janitor!

Let's go to the principal's office


is a book you receive at the end of high school. It contains photographs of every students of that year, of activities or events that took place in the previous year.

a yearbook

every senior year student

the seniorprom dance

the sciencefair

& Student Body President

The Class President

They are both elected by all the other students.A Class President serves as the leader of the senior class. They are sometimes responsible for planning some of the events (mainly concerning graduation).A Student Body President works with students to resolve problems, informs the school administration of ideas emanating from the student body, and manages the student government.

School activities

In high school, you can participate in a variaty of different activities: sports (football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.), clubs (chess, robotics, photography, etc.), the marching band or even the school theatre club which usually performs at the end of the year, in a play.

Watch the students of Brody Middle School pledging allegiance to the American flag.